How should multi-business competition explain

Future Fundstars

Reichelt: On the other hand, we will also reward innovative strategies. And the personality of the strategist will also play a role; including their experience and background. We expressly want to offer applicants from outside the industry a chance who cannot show a classic fund manager career, but instead may have convinced with a Wikifolio or something similar. In addition, it is necessary that the approach is also scalable, i.e. not only works with small investment sums or in niche markets.

Will the deliberations of the jury that ultimately lead to the result also be public?

Rainer Laborenz: The jury will not deliberate publicly, but will publicly justify its decisions. We will present the results of our deliberations in detail. We'll explain not only which participant we choose, but also why we are doing it.

Can the participants who eventually drop out expect feedback on why they didn't make it?

Laboratory: From our point of view, there will be no losers in the competition anyway. Of course, we will also talk and discuss a lot with the participants who ultimately drop out. The members of the jury have a combined market experience of more than 100 years. Through this exchange alone, every participant who takes on the competition will ultimately benefit from it.

Anyone who wants to bring a new fund to the market should not only have a good investment idea, but also be able to drum up for business. Do you also support the participants or the winners in terms of marketing?

Reichelt: The competition takes place in public and is already receiving a wide response in the industry. That alone gives the participants an additional platform on which they can present themselves and their strategies in an excellent way. Of course, the initiators will disseminate these strategies in their networks and thereby possibly acquire further assets. The commitment of Comdirect should not be underestimated either. The winning fund, if it is a Ucits fund, receives media credit for their Comdirect-Informer investment information page and is included in the fund universe there - including savings plan capability and a discount on the initial charge for investors of 100 percent for at least twelve months .

Do you also consider the fee model in your assessment and give newcomers tips on what to consider?

Laboratory: If it is a new fund, then we will certainly take a position on it. The aim should always be to help the fund to a sufficient size, to which the entire marketing package and also the purchasing power of the NFS Netfonds will contribute. Then it shouldn't be a problem for everyone involved if the fund has a fair fee structure that is customary in the market. For us, "fair" also means that we do not join the omnipresent pressure on fees. Quality has its price, and a top fund manager should also be properly paid for his performance.

About the interviewees:
Peer Reichelt is a board member of Hamburger Netfonds AG and managing director of the liability umbrella NFS Netfonds.
Rainer Laborenz is a managing partner at the Offenburg asset management company Azemos Vermögensmanagement.