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Dwayne Johnson on Marriage: "We're practicing baby-making again"

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Lauren Hashian have been married since August 2019. But only the Corona crisis brought the couple back together properly.

While there is a crisis in some marriages during Corona isolation, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson can draw positive conclusions from the time in quarantine. On Instagram, the actor reveals that the time together with his wife Lauren Hashian and their two daughters actually had a positive effect on his family life.

"She is the best!"

The 47-year-old admits that he and his wife, who is twelve years younger than him, can be snippy with each other - this was often the case, especially in the first two weeks of isolation. But now he is realizing that the quarantine has had a very positive effect on his relationship with his daughters and his marriage to his wife.

The 35-year-old was very patient with him when he was in a bad mood, The Rock continues. "We're not trying to judge each other. She's the best!" He concludes. Lauren is characterized by great emotional intelligence and when he's in a bad mood, sometimes avoid him. That gives him time to reflect on his behavior. Above all, laughing together would bring the two closer together again after a little squabbling.

"We're practicing how to make babies again"

"I'm telling you this to show you guys we're all going through the same thing," continued Dwayne Johnson. "Now is the time to try to do your best," he urged his almost 180 million followers on Instagram. "If you're not good at communicating - I haven't been for a long time myself - now is the time to learn." Then The Rock goes into even more detail: After the reconciliation, he and his wife would work on having more children, the actor jokes. "We're practicing making babies again."

Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian had secretly married in small groups in Hawaii in August 2019. The couple had actually planned to get married in spring 2018. But at that point, Lauren was pregnant. The singer wanted wedding pictures without a baby bump - so the wedding had to be postponed for a year. With her, the actor has two daughters, Jasmine and Tia. Simone, now 18, comes from a leading marriage.