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The doctor information The health foundation's search for a doctor

Find doctors nearby

With the doctor information, the doctor search of the Stiftung Gesundheit, you can look for and find exactly the doctor who fits your current personal needs. More than 1,000 search criteria and selection options that you can include in your search will help you choose.

The doctor information is the doctor directory that lists all 280,000 resident doctors, dentists, psychological psychotherapists, clinics and chief physicians. For example, if you are looking for a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, i.e. a gynecologist, in Hamburg-Ottensen, you will find what you are looking for via the doctor information. The doctor directory provides information on office hours, contact options, how to get there, accessibility and the specializations of doctors.

Find doctor reviews

In addition to the basic information, patients can also rate their visit to the doctor and thus recommend a doctor to other patients. The reviews submitted are editorially checked by specially trained employees of the Health Foundation. Doctor recommendations from other patients help you choose your own doctor. After visiting a doctor's office, you can also record your impressions online in the doctor information desk. How long was the waiting time? Did the organization in the doctor's practice go well? Were the doctor and the staff friendly and could the doctor explain clearly? Patients can rate all of this well, but it can be a challenge to assess the actual expertise of the doctor if you do not have sufficient medical expertise yourself.

The strengths profile in the doctor information

Therefore, the doctor's information also offers the strength profile for orientation for patients. It contains information on patient service, patient satisfaction, quality management and the medical reputation of the doctors. These categories are displayed in the grades gold, silver and bronze. The foundation regularly assesses the medical reputation, i.e. the professional reputation of the doctors. Doctors are asked which colleague they would go to themselves in the event of illness, because doctors are better able to assess the expertise of their colleagues. In addition, the foundation collects around a dozen other criteria for professional work from doctors.

How do I find a general practitioner near me?

For example, if you have moved and want to find a new family doctor, you can do so easily with the doctor information. In addition, the doctor's information desk also offers the option of looking for something very specific, such as:

  • a family doctor's practice with wheelchair access,
  • a female gynecologist,
  • a Spanish speaking dermatologist
  • an orthopedic surgeon with consultation hours for working people also in the evening.
To do this, click on the "Refine search" button. Further selection boxes for entering your personal search criteria will appear below the regular search form. Using this search, you can narrow down and define your wishes more precisely. The search results are then presented in a doctor list, starting with the doctor who meets all the search criteria and is closest to the location you entered. In the case of very unusual selection criteria, this can also be a few kilometers away from the search location you entered.

Accessibility in the doctor information

Accessibility is important to us. That is why the doctor information is not only available online, but can also be reached by phone. You can reach our call center free of charge Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on 0800 - 7 39 00 99. The online search for doctor information is also barrier-free. This means: visually impaired people can have the texts read out to them by screen readers and the doctor information desk offers explanatory texts for specialist areas and focal points. In addition, a total of around 80,000 doctors with practices that meet at least one barrier-free criterion are listed in the doctor's information service. These are, for example, step-free access, orientation aids for the visually impaired or practice staff who have mastered sign language.

Dr. Pro bono: Doctors do good - we talk about it

The seal “Dr. Pro Bono ”, the Health Foundation awards doctors who contribute their specialist knowledge to their voluntary work. It doesn't matter where they help, because there are people who need support, encouragement or medical education everywhere. Some work as team doctors in the local sports club, others travel many thousands of kilometers to help set up a hospital. They all have one thing in common: They act pro bono. So far, over 1,000 doctors have contacted us. We present some of them in our health magazine.

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