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2006 Directed by David Zucker


Bury the grudge. Burn the village. See the saw.

Cindy finds out the house she lives in is haunted by a little boy and goes on a quest to find out who killed him and why. Also, Alien "Tr-iPods" are invading the world and she has to uncover the secret in order to stop them.

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  • vegan alert: a cat is thrown out a window after attacking charlie sheen's comically oversized viagra-enduced erection. the cat is then killed by sheen jumping out of the window and delivering a phallus-first body slam.

  • Pretty funny. Don't hate me letterboxd. Its a thing i hav ... Oh you're leaving me? Fuck you...

    Wait come back ... I love you ... * sobs *

  • they can't all be winners

  • The Dr. Phil and SHAQ cold open is funny, then it immediately loses me with a Charlie Sheen boner joke.

  • "That's okay, I've had balls in my face before!"

    I really have no problem with the fact that the gags here are rotzedoof and mostly consist of someone getting something blasted in the face. Really not, I like rotten jokes. The problem I have here is that it's all so dry and boring, because the timing is just awful most of the time, the guest appearances are completely given away and in the end there is almost no punchline. Apart from one or two chuckles, it's completely lame.

    The only good thing here is Anna Faris who just rocks every scene. But otherwise it's more of a catastrophe. Apart from part 1 and 2 you can really throw the Scary Movie series in the bin ...

  • The opening scene of Shaq and Dr Phil is straight up hilarious.

    When I was a kid I hated Dr Phil. My mother wouldn't let me go to sleepovers because Dr Phil talked about parents raping children in sleepovers. So I blamed Dr Phil for my horrible childhood, and boy was it great watching this film where he admits to being a piece of shit.

    Anyways the rest of the film completely sucked.

  • Would have been so much better if the entire movie was Anna Faris and Regina Hall, they shoehorned in Craig Bierko and whenever we're following his character - I was bored, scrap the War of the Worlds & Brokeback Mountain spoofs and expand The Village & Saw, Hall & Faris could have carried Scary Movie 4 effortlessly, they didn't need a man to lead. Leslie Nielson, Cloris Leachman, Shaq, Pullman, and all the other cameos can stay.

  • Something you may know about me is, I really really really love Ju-On. It's the haunted franchise of my dreams. I feel deeply if not psychically connected to Toshio as at cat. And Kayako is the best ghost mom. It's a serious situation. I would follow Ju-On and even the American Grudge sequels blindly into the abyss for eternity, but this thing totally sucked. I feel that the makers of this film are totally misunderstood, misrepresented and misused Ju-On. Where as in part 3 I was enamored by the direction they took the Ring. This was not a marriage of the right cultural references.

    The two best scenes were the opening scene, with Shaq and Dr. Phil in the situation from ...

  • My least favorite film from the scary movie saga but it is worth watching just for brenda alone

  • "This is some shit, up with which we will not put."

    October 2020: # 29

    I had a sleepover with my friend and we decided to haunt our nostalgia of this series and watch the last two installments, which I never ended up seeing in my teens. this fourth one is pretty bad while at the same time defying my expectations by having sort of a coherent parody going on so we did laugh frequently in the face of this idiotic Grudge & War of the Worlds mashup comedy. not for the reasons intended but nonetheless, stupid fun if you can get down to its level haha.

  • Haven’t even seen the new 2020 remake of The Grudge and I know that this could be considered as a better remake!

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  • Idk it was on in the background as I scrolled through my phone.

    Stupid, irritating, dumb, lowest common denominator, etc. What else can I say?

  • Slightly better than Scary movie 3 but still barely qualifies as a real movie. The bit at the beginning with Dr. Phil and Shaq earns this movie an extra 1/2 star.

  • the first scary movie i ever watched.

    wasn't that much hiralrious as i remeber tbh, still very enjoyably and fun

    lmao so goos remember all this after so long

    and damn sad this type of humor and spoof film in the days we are today we don't have any more of this

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  • my parents never supervised any media consumption I had from the very beginning. I was literally 9 when I first watched this movie (even have it on DVD) and you know what i'm grateful for it. what a timeless fever dream this series was ... brb gonna re-watch from the beginning.

  • I fell asleep during the first watch, so I had to watch this dreck a second time to form a proper opinion. The first watch was more enjoyable.

  • This film resides in the Lost in Translation universe, as Anna Faris finally managed to upgrade her Japanese skills and put them to good use

  • we didn't know how good we had it

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