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Why do I get ORA-39001: Invalid Argument Value when I try to impdp in Oracle 12c? - oracle, import, oracle12c, datapump

When I run this command in Oracle 12c SE2:

I understand that:

ORA-39001: Invalid argument value

ORA-39000: Invalid dump file

ORA-39088: Directory name DATA_PUMP_DIR is invalid

We imported this in 11g the whole time.

How can I fix these errors?


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From the 12c documentation:

Keep the following requirements in mind when using Data Pump to move data to a CDB:

  • The default Data Pump directory object DATA_PUMP_DIR does not work with PDBs. You must define an explicit directory object in the PDB that you are exporting or importing.

You have to define your own directory object in your PDB for which your user (here the system) has read / write rights.

This can be the same operating system directory. If DATA_PUMP_DIR refers to it, all you need is a separate directory object. But I have used the route you preferred from a comment on an earlier question.

Then the import is modified to have: