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Ginevra Molly "Ginny" Weasley (Born August 11, 1981), is the youngest in the Weasley family.

She is the first girl in the Weasley clan for generations. Although she is so far small and slim, her type is likely to look after her mother, like her twin brothers, whom she clearly resembles, especially around the mouth.

Always used to having to assert herself against the many and strong, she has learned to mediate quickly and skillfully and to come up with quick-witted excuses. She has copied a few things from her big brothers, such as the fact that, at least with the help of her twin brothers, there is some solution for all situations that seem impossible. In addition, she asserts her interests, sometimes unnoticed if necessary. So behind the backs of her brothers, whom she always excluded from Quidditch games, she taught herself very good playing techniques on her own. The other Weasleys are therefore very stunned when she is accepted into the Gryffindor house team.

Of course, like her brothers Ron, Fred and George, Ginny takes part in Dumbledore's army without hesitation, whose ironic but momentous name she herself proposed. In the 1997/98 school year she was one of those who organized the resistance of the student body against the Carrows and the new headmaster in the reactivated DA. Against Ginny's intention to take part in the Battle of Hogwarts, the prohibitions of her worried parents do not last forever.

Ginny's obsession

During Ginny's first year of school at Hogwarts, Lord Voldemort can take possession of her unnoticed: When the Weasley family buy their school supplies in Diagon Alley, Lucius Malfoy secretly slips a diary into one of Ginny's school books. The inconspicuous diary has it all, because Voldemort has preserved himself in it as the capable memory figure of the Hogwarts student Tom Riddle. Ginny falls for the hidden magic, which at first turns out to be extremely beneficial. As soon as she writes something in her new diary found in a used school book, her own words disappear and Tom Riddle writes back. Ginny confides her worries to Tom, who then gives himself compassionate and thereby gains more and more power over her. Without Ginny being aware of this even at moments like this, he can finally open her to the Chamber of Secrets, spread threats at Hogwarts and in the end even let her go as a prisoner into the Chamber of Secrets herself. There, the memory figure of Tom deprives her of so much life that he can get out of the diary. His form materializes more and more, while Ginny carries less and less life in her. Only because Harry destroys the diary and thus the memory of Tom Riddle in time, Ginny's life is saved.
Ginny is not punished for these incidents because the wise Headmaster Dumbledore decides that the naive first year, like more experienced wizards, was the victim of a subtle deception by Voldemort that fortunately did not cause permanent damage.

Ginny and Harry

At first, Ginny is so passionate about Harry that she looks very shy. In her first year at school, Gilderoy Lockhart held a Valentine's Day (02/14/1992) by sending little "messengers of love" around Hogwarts. Ginny sends a love poem to Harry during this action.
In her fourth school year 1995/96 she gives up her crush on Harry and looks for a friend first Michael Corner, later Dean Thomas. Since then she has shed her shyness and turns out to be funny and practical with Harry too. Ginny is constructive and diplomatic with Harry's adolescent outbursts and his self-righteous behaviors. When Harry isolates himself from his friends for fear of being obsessed with Voldemort, she reminds him of her own 1992 obsession and helps him understand that his fears are unfounded.
After Ginny and Dean split up in the spring of 1997, Ginny and Harry begin a love affair. Harry finishes this at the end of the school year in order not to inevitably entangle Ginny in his upcoming argument with Voldemort and thus put Ginny in great danger. Ginny understands him, but both find it difficult to keep the separation going because their feelings for each other have not changed.
The interested reader learns that Harry and Ginny are married 19 years later and have 3 children (epilogue).

Ginny's name

  • The fact that she is called Ginny fits her perfectly: Because "Ginny" sounds exactly like "Dschinni" - that is the name of the clever and funny genie known from the oriental fairy tale, which occasionally helps someone to fulfill his wishes.
  • Ginevra was the courageous and combative wife of King Arthur, from whose legends several names of the Weasley family (Arthur, Percy = Parzival) come.

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