How to measure the movement of the mountain bike fork

Physics lessons / mechanics / uniform motion

In physics, a distinction is made between 3 basic types of movement:

  • Uniform movement
  • Evenly accelerated movement
  • Unevenly accelerated movement

First we will go into more detail about the uniform movement. Uniform means it doesn't change. That is why the movement will not change either, which means that the object will not become faster or slower and will not make any curves.
But what does movement mean? The best way to explain it is to think about what it means to drive your car at 60km / h. You cover 60 km in one hour. You cover a certain distance in a certain time. So a speed indicates which distance is covered per time.
As a formula, this can be formulated as follows:
The following applies:

  • v: speed
  • s: way
  • t: time

How can you measure speeds?
In order to be able to measure speeds, one has to find a connection between it and other physical quantities that are easy to measure, such as path and time . So you only need a tape measure and a stopwatch to measure a speed.