Removed MTG counter when Prince is banished

Changelogs World of Warships 0.7.4

System to prevent unfair behavior and unfair play

With update 0.7.4 we are increasing the efficiency of our system against unsportsmanlike behavior and unfair play. From now on, players who attack their teammates, are inactive in combat, or flee from combat will first receive a warning and then be banned from combat (apart from co-op and clan battles) if they do not change their behavior.

The status of an account is indicated by the color of the player name:

  • White: No violations
  • PINK: The player has been cautioned.
  • ORANGE: The player has received a penalty and cannot join certain types of battles.

All penalties are “served” in co-op battles, where each non-infraction battle is a step back to white status. The exact penalty depends on the amount of violations and how regularly they happen. Repeat offenders turn pink more quickly and receive increasingly severe punishment for their behavior. This reduces the chance that players end up in combat with unreasonable perpetrators.

Please note that with the release of the update, all players will be placed in white status so that all players can learn how it works in this new chapter of World of Warships.

Improved matchmaking

We have taken the next step in improving the matchmaking system. This time in Random Battles. From now on, teams will be set up in mirror image within a three-minute period after the "Battle" button was clicked. This means that the line-ups of both teams will not differ in terms of tier and ship types. This change should mainly be felt during the day and evening when there are enough players in the queue. In order to avoid long waiting times outside of peak hours, the matchmaker will switch back to the old system after three minutes.

Changes to ribbons and awards

Your bottom line results and your contribution to victory don't just depend on how much damage you've done. A variety of factors play a role: capturing bases, scouting ships, the ability to draw enemy fire on you to protect your friends, and much more. With update 0.7.4, the battle interface has been improved a little to give more information about the performance in battle.

Part of the new content is two counters: one for potential harm and one for harm from education. These can be activated in the settings.

  • Damage from reconnaissance is the amount of damage your teammates cause to enemies sighted by you. The damage is only counted if you spot an enemy ship (either through direct line of sight, or by using consumables) that your allies are causing damage to and that cannot be detected by them themselves. In this case, the entire damage will be credited equally to all “scouts”.
  • Potential harm (inflicted on the ship and repelled by armor) is the maximum damage that would be caused by any grenades, bombs and torpedoes within a radius of 700 meters around the ship (this corresponds to about one and a half times the length of the Yamato, since ships in one in the game Scale of 2: 1).

For example, should a player divert enemy forces on a flank, the potential damage counter will show how effective it is. The counter, which shows the damage to scouted ships, will come in handy for many destroyers who, with their short detection range and consumables, can discover enemies hiding behind islands or in the fog without being seen themselves.

These counters help players estimate how effective they were in the battle. The display of post-battle statistics at the end of the battle does not change.

We've also made the mechanics for armor-piercing bombs a little clearer. Since they're still quite new to the game, it's not always clear how effective they are. To make the mechanics more transparent for players, we've added more information to the ribbons for all bombs. They will show how well the bombs were dropped, whether they were ricochets, punctures, or full punctures.

In Update 0.7.4, the “Clear Skies” award will be removed from the game. With the new skill "Catapult Aircraft Operations Center" and the increase in the number of aircraft on some battleships and cruisers, it became almost impossible to earn this award. So we replace them with new honorary awards:

  • "King of the Skies" (specifically for aircraft carriers).
  • "Air defense expert" for battleships, cruisers and destroyers.

Both awards are given for shooting down a certain number of aircraft in one battle: 55 aircraft for “King of the Skies” and 50 for “Air Defense Expert”. The reward for these awards are 10 November Echo Setteseven () Signal flags that are issued once a day. The new awards replace “Clear Skies” in the tasks for campaigns. You must earn one of these awards to complete a related task. If players have already made progress in these tasks, this will not be lost. If tasks have already been completed, they will remain completed.

The Verbose Tapes setting is removed. From now on, the performance bands are always shown in the detailed view.

Flag selection for Pan-Asia and the Commonwealth

We have introduced the option of choosing the flag to be hoisted for ships from Pan-Asia and the Commonwealth.

For example, if a player goes with the Gadjah Mada into battle and chooses the flag of the Indonesian Navy, he sees the same flag for other destroyers of this type. Other representatives of the Pan-Asian tech tree are also displayed as the player chose. However, this will in no way affect how other players see the Gadjah Mada. Instead, she hoists the flag that was chosen in the port.

Currently it is only possible to choose the flag for research trees that host multiple nations. The selection can be found under “Flags” in the “Exterior” menu in the port. By default, the client displays the flag that is common in the tech tree.

UI improvements in the port

Due to a lot of requests from players, we've redesigned the UI elements that deal with captain skills, enhancements, signals and flags to make them more intuitive. All properties of improvements, signal flags, etc. that cause a positive change are now marked in green, while negative effects are marked in red. Not only have we highlighted the properties in color, we've also revised the descriptions a bit to make them easier to read.

In addition, improved captain skills such as the "Adrenaline Rush" or "Elite Shooter" by Jean-Jacques Honoré and special improvements have been marked with their own symbols. This makes it easier for players to understand which of these improvements will further improve their play style.

We also hope that there will be fewer questions about skills and modules that improve some traits and weaken others, as it is now clear why, for example, “torpedo acceleration” decreases the overall efficiency of torpedo arming.

9. Ranked Battles season

Ranked Battles are back!

SEASON 9 STARTS: Friday, April 27th, 07:00 CEST (UTC + 2)
SEASON 9 ENDS: Monday June 4th, 07:00 CEST (UTC + 2)

Players can climb the ranks again on April 27th. This time they fight their way up to the League of Sea Wolves in Tier VIII and X ships. Whoever occupies rank 1 can compete against other captains at level VII. Show what you can do and reach rank 1!

  • The season lasts 38 days.
  • Participation requires account level 14.
  • There are a total of 23 ranks. For a better overview, the ranks have been grouped into the following leagues: the Third League, the Second League, the First League, the Top League and the League of Sea Wolves.
  • Two teams of 7 players each fight against each other. For won battles, the players receive stars with which they climb the ladder. At most ranks, losing one star means losing one star.
  • Beginners start the season at rank 23. Participants in the last season of Ranked Battles receive bonus stars: one star for each rank achieved.
  • Ranks 23 to 17, as well as ranks 15, 10 (instead of rank 12 in the last season) and 1 are safe and cannot be lost. In the ranks 23 to 20 you don't lose a star for a defeat. Those who deserve the most experience of the team will keep their hard-earned star even in the event of a loss.
  • In ranks 23 to 11 there is a bonus star when you reach the next rank.
  • Only Tier VIII ships are used at ranks 23 through 11. Tier X ships are used at ranks 10 to 2. Captains who reach Rank 1 can compete against each other with Tier VII ships.
  • Both teams have the same ship types and the same tiers.

Card pool

Tier VIII Battles:

  • neighbours, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)
  • Northern lights, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)
  • Source of danger, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)
  • Sea of ​​happiness, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)
  • Mountain range, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)

Tier X Battles:

  • way of the Warrior, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)
  • north, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)
  • Source of danger, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)
  • Sleeping giant, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)
  • Tears of the desert, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)
  • Mountain range, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)

Tier VII Battles in the League of Sea Wolves:

  • Fissured, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)
  • Sea of ​​happiness, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)

Improvement of the ship reconnaissance system

In the public test, we tried two solutions for 3D rendering the ships and their appearance on the minimap. Based on your feedback, we have found and selected the more popular solution. It only partially solves the problem, but has no problematic side effects. More bug fixes will come in the next updates.

With Update 0.7.4, the reconnaissance works as follows: The rendering of the 3D models and the visual effects happen simultaneously, while the symbol on the minimap remains unchanged.

Maps and locations

  • The coastline of the islands in the northeast corner of Tears of the Desert has been moved outside of the map's boundaries. This gives players equal opportunities to move across the map regardless of their starting position.
  • We brought back the Aurora Borealis on the Northern Lights map.
  • The bottleneck between the two large islands on the “North” map has been widened to make it easier to navigate.
  • A tournament scenario is now available in the practice room on the following maps:
    • Tears of the desert, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)
    • refuge, Domination, three key areas (+4 points every nine seconds)
    • Sleeping giant, Domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds)
  • The following cards now have standard tournament scenarios (domination, three key areas (+2 points every three seconds):

Balance changes to the game

Due to the further development of the game and the introduction of new ships, the Shimakaze adjusted so that it can continue to perform its role in battle. With Update 0.7.4 we are improving the combat performance of this destroyer and reducing the standard detectability range at sea to 7.11 km (5.59 km with all deployable modifications), which means that it can detect almost all enemies of the same tier before it is self-scouted.

The upcoming update 0.7.4 also affects the German cruisers Admiral Hipper and Prinz Eugen. These ships have some unique advantages that give them an amazing advantage over ships of the same class, for example:

  • Hydroacoustic Search () with a larger area of ​​action.
  • High-explosive shells with improved penetration equal to a quarter of the value of the main battery caliber.
  • More damage from armor-piercing shells.
  • Good armor protection.
  • Impressive fire range.

Despite this long list of advantages, the ships often do not show the performance in combat that would be appropriate for this tier, so we have improved the following values:

  • Admiral Hipper: for hulls B and C the rudder adjustment time was reduced to 9.2 seconds (from 10.7 s) and the charging time of the main battery was reduced to 11.5 seconds (from 13 s);
  • Prinz Eugen: The Consumable Template: Repair Team I has been added and can restore 33% of the damage to the Citadel, 50% of the damage from armor-piercing shells and 100% of the damage from HE shells. Active time: 28 seconds; Cooldown: 120 seconds; Charges: 2 (the premium version has 80 seconds cooldown and can be used three times)

With the American aircraft carrier Midway the size of the hangar was reduced. The ship's air fleet now includes 116 instead of 136. The Midway has the same deck layout as before: 2 squadrons of each type with 6 aircraft each. In the hangar there are: 23 fighters, 29 torpedo bombers and 28 dive bombers.

For the Hakuryu Type 10 mod.2 flight control now controls 3 squadrons of fighters, 3 of torpedo bombers and 2 of dive bombers, each with 4 aircraft, instead of the old 2-3-3 distribution. There are now 18 fighters, 28 torpedo bombers and 22 dive bombers in the hangar. This change will bring both carriers to the same combat efficiency regardless of the length of the battle.

British battleship Orion: Density of main battery salvos has been reduced (Sigma parameter 1.6 instead of 1.8). The Orion is an extremely dangerous weapon in the hands of an experienced captain, so we had to give direct counterparts of the ship better chances.

In addition, the detectability of torpedoes from the air has been halved. The change will allow "torpedo" destroyers to perform their role better, especially in combat with aircraft carriers.

Active goals in the practice room

The public test showed that the majority of players liked active targets in practice rooms. So we're bringing this feature to the server. To add the active targets, select “Fill team with targets” in the menu of a division and tick “Target is moving and is armed”. If desired, adjust the level of the AI. The AI ​​level determines the accuracy of the goals. All values ​​can be adjusted individually for each goal. Train and improve your skills!

Other improvements & bug fixes

  • It is now impossible to enter Ranked Battles or Clan Battles using a Test Ship.
  • With Update 0.7.4, you can go to the Dog Tag menu by clicking on the icon of a dog tag received in a container.
  • The geometric textures of the following ships have been improved:
  • Fixed a bug where some elements would remain moveable after the ship was destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Enable Ship Horns option from working.
  • Fixed a bug where distorted sounds were played when switching to binocular view after firing or reloading the guns.
  • Description of the special properties of the Missouri Fixed.
  • Fixed a rare bug where company descriptions were displayed incorrectly after exiting a training room.
  • The values ​​of consumables are now rounded to two decimal places.
  • Fixed an issue where the range of the flak could not be displayed on the minimap for ships with small caliber flak.
  • Text description of the HE shells of the North Carolina Fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where after switching from full screen to windowed mode and back the buttons "Back to port" and "Keep fighting" were not correctly placed in the night battle statistics.
  • Fixed a bug where the button "Back to Port" in the night battle statistics did not lead back to the port when you were in port.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chief Marine Engineer award would not be awarded
  • Fixed a bug that affected the "National voice output +" sound mod for captains with their own voice output. From now on, quick commands from other players will be transmitted in the language of the captain nation, while special voice outputs only affect your own ship.
  • Fixed a bug that interfered with the manual attack function for aircraft carriers (ALT attack) when using the alternative mouse control.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game client to crash after clicking "Battle".
  • Fixed a bug where there was no system message about credits that were made while offline.
  • Battleships now start closer to the rest of the team when they are in danger.
  • Fixed a bug for battleships where the reload bell for main guns sounded even though not all guns were loaded.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game client to crash if the configuration file was damaged. The parameters of this file will now be reset to their default values ​​and an error message will be displayed when exiting the game.
  • Fixed a bug where the flag selected in the port was replaced by the flag of space battles when ships were in space camouflage.

Optimization of the engine

To improve the overall performance of the game, especially in battle, we developed an algorithm that loads effects in advance. In the past, all effects were stored in video memory, regardless of whether they were used in battle or not. We achieved good GPU performance with this strategy, but the positive effects only became apparent once a certain number of effects occurred.

As the amount of different effects in the game grows, we decided to optimize the use of video memory by only preloading the effects that are actually being used. This saves quite a bit of storage capacity. The performance can be further increased if the display of certain special camouflage schemes is switched off.

Support for World of Warships Community Contributors

We've added a lot of great content that will be given out to our contributors and their viewers. First up, there is a brand new camouflage available for the contributors, as well as a special camouflage that they can give as a bonus to their viewers. Apart from that, there is a new container in the game for competition winners along with special patches and badges.

In addition to everything, the most popular contributors receive a special flag so that you can identify our (anti) heroes in battle. You will soon learn more about these items and how to get them in a separate article.

Changes and new content

Selling special ships and dismissing captains

Due to the high demand, it is now possible to fire almost all captains and sell all ships that are available in the game.

If you no longer like the captains of the Dragon, ARP and HSF fleets, or if you have duplicates, you can dismiss them now. The unique captains Jean-Jacques Honoré and Jack Dunkirk from the campaigns can now be sent ashore. Note, however, that if you fire these captains, you will not be able to get them back. So think carefully. The only captain who cannot be fired is Yamamoto Isoroku.

In addition to the option to fire captains, it is now also possible to sell ARP ships in the client for credits. Selling prices of the ships are as follows.

Signal flags can now be purchased in-game

Signal flags can be bought automatically with doubloons. If the "Refill automatically" option is already activated, it will remain active after the update, but the "Repurchase with game currency" option will not be activated.


The new spaceport has become very popular, which is why we're leaving it in the game. The port will remain available in the port selection.

Space camouflage

When Update 0.7.4 comes out, the space camouflages will no longer be available for purchase for doubloons in the game client.

Test ships

Added new ships for testing by developers and super testers in the game:

Content for the end of World War II in Europe

To commemorate the end of the Second World War in Europe, a special port called "Kronstadt" was introduced. This can be selected in the port selection. A special Soviet captain is also added.

You can earn the captain in a quest chain available from May 4th to May 14th.

The Kronstadt port was created on the basis of historical images from the late 1930s. Enter the harbor and look at the impressive view of the forts "Peter the Great" and "Alexander", as well as the fort "Constantine" in the distance. On the opposite side you can see the fort "Kronslot" and in the distance two more forts, fort "Kaiser Paul I" and "Graf Milyutin". Look at the silhouette of the city and the naval chapel! The new port is illuminated by fireworks at regular intervals while a squadron carries out an honorary overflight.

You can also secure the unique Soviet captain Viktor Znamensky. This captain specializes in the cruiser Orlan, has 10 undistributed skill points and the following improved skills:

  • Preventive action:
    • 45% (instead of -30%) at the risk of module failure.
  • Elite shooter:
    • Gun traverse speed with a caliber up to 139 mm is increased by + 3 ° / sec. increased (instead of +2.5)
    • Gun traverse speed with a caliber over 139 mm is increased by + 1 ° / sec. increased (instead of +0.7)
  • Highest alert:
    • 20% (instead of -10%) on the cooldown of the Damage Control Team consumable.

End of the 2nd season of Clan Battles

Clan Battles will no longer be available with the release of Update 0.7.4. The second season, Ice Islands, is now over. Rental ships that were available for Clan Battles will be removed from accounts. These are Moskva, Gearing and Conqueror.

Important! When the rental ships are removed, the captains go to the reserve.

All players who have played at least one clan battle get a special bonus: a 100% discount on resetting captain skills and upgrading improvements. The discount will be available from April 26th at 7:00 AM and ends on May 4th at 7:00 AM (CEST). The specialization of captains who have been recruited for a rented ship is set to the starting ship of the respective nation. All players who took part in the clan battles and who meet certain conditions will receive special achievements in their accounts as mementos:

Awards Merit criteria
Ice islands Win the Ice Isles Clan Battles season
hurricane Reached the Hurricane League in the Clan Battles season
typhoon Reached the Typhoon League or higher in the Clan Battles season
hurricane Reached the Hurricane League or higher in the Clan Battles season
Storm Reached the Assault League or higher in the Clan Battles season
Gust Reached the Squall League or higher in the Clan Battles season

As you can see, the conditions for receiving the awards have changed. In order to receive an award for a league, you had to achieve seven victories in the first season in that league. In the second season you just have to reach it, so play at least one battle in it. Therefore, all players who would have achieved the updated conditions in the first season will receive the appropriate rewards retrospectively. So players who only had three wins in a league, or only played one battle, will still receive the award for the league. All awards can be achieved multiple times, with the exception of “Danger”, “Ice Islands” and “Hurricane”. These awards are unique to the season.

Season 2 winners will be honored by displaying their Clan Tag on the loading screen of the Ice Isles map. Achievements will be displayed on the clan's Columna Rostrata if the clan has met the requirements and purchased the building.

Although the current season is now ending, we've made a few changes to the clan's UI:

  • We have added an image of the unique badges on the loading screen of the maps after which the season is named (“hot spot”, “ice islands”)
  • Clan Battles statistics now show results from previous seasons. This will be activated before Update 0.7.5 goes to the servers.
  • We have improved the game performance when loading the naval base.
  • Fixed a bug with the notification log that occurred when multiple recruits for a clan were rejected.