Red shoes what color nail polish

Which nail polish goes with which sandal?


The most beautiful toe necklaces of summer

Nothing works in summer without sandals! It gets even nicer if the nail polish on the toes also matches it perfectly. Which varnish for which shoe? These fashion professionals show you how!



Tone on tone: black Roman sandals with dark lacquer


The first classic shoe fashion in world history: a leather sole, two straps, attached to the ankles. Very sexy for around 2600 years - and this summer the gladiator sandals are particularly popular again.

Especially chic with our favorite Romans: nail polish in the same tone. Copied from the Instagram model, this means: black sandals with black lacquer. Don't forget the protective layer when copying! In the case of dark tones, you should always apply a base coat to protect the nails from discoloration.



Color duo for the beach: sandals in cognac + nail polish in white


Flat sandals in sand, cream and cognac tones can do more than just be comfortable - and even on the beach they clearly outperform the "common rubber flip-flop" when it comes to fashion.

Probably the noblestSandals and nail polish combination of summer: cognac sandals with white toenails. Important for everyone who wants to try it out: The color only looks really nice on short nails! For an extra covering finish, depending on the color, apply 2 to 4 coats of lacquer one after the other and allow each to dry thoroughly.



Statement sandals like pastel nail polish


Glittering pearls, colorful embroidery or leather fringes? Regardless, something completely different counts in the trend balance: definitely keep sales flat! And leave the most beautiful decorations, embroidery and rhinestones on your feet.

To fancy sandals It's best to wear subtle, pastel tones this summer. The classic among the pale colors: rosy nude. Light sky blue and watery green are the hipsters among the soft colors and see - yes, yes! - even to skin that is still untanned.



Which nail polish to use with metallic sandals? Pink, red, orange!


Straight cut, metallic tone: the noble version of the classic Birkenstock slippers not only goes with a relaxed holiday outfit, but also with a cool city look. Our favorite sandal color of the summer: bronze!

Rich shades of red, fuchsia and orange put your feet in the spotlight. They are an additional eye-catcher to match the shimmering metallic shoe. To make the color shine, prepaint the nails with an opaque shade of white. Then apply two coats of colored varnish in two stages - done!