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Today we would like to introduce you to the Reborn Beta, which adds a new user interface, a new game engine and customized games to Dota. The dashboard has been completely renewed and the engine on which the game is based has been completely replaced. On this page we want to give you a preview of the new interface. A description of the modified games will follow at the beginning of next week and towards the end of the week we will introduce you to some details of the new engine before we start the open beta phase.
Welcome to the future of Dota 2. We have completely redesigned the dashboard to make it easier and more intuitive to use. We used a new UI framework, which allows us to keep a simple structure, but at the same time offers many possibilities for future extensions.


The "Play Dota" button is always available no matter where you are in the new interface. Click Play Dota to choose your game mode or lobby, start your search, and pick up right where you left off.


Lobby managers can now mark their lobby as public, which allows all players worldwide to see and enter it. You can search for lobby names and game modes. It also shows which ones are in the local network or have already been entered by friends.


Dota is most fun with friends. That's why we've created more ways in which you can gather your friends for a game and communicate seamlessly with them during the game.


With the new friends menu you can easily find out who is currently available or even looking for a group and then invite them with a single push of a button.


Voice chat is now available within your group and can continue seamlessly even when you start a game.


Is your friend already in a group? Now you can easily merge two groups or send a request to join other groups. In addition, the position of group leader can be reassigned at any time.


You can now mark yourself or your group as "open", which tells all your friends that you are still looking for other players.


Check out your friends' playstyle, track their achievements, and leave your comments on all of them.


Hover over a player's avatar to view their customizable profile overview. There the statistics with your favorite hero, your most valuable objects or trophies can be displayed. The profile also includes a badge that summarizes your experience and achievements.


Here you can see the latest achievements of your friends and can comment on them directly. Celebrate a winning black hole, for example, before quickly loading the accompanying recording to see it with your own eyes.


Study your friends' skills more closely. Hero MMW is a value that describes the achievements with a particular hero in relation to the player's overall MMW.


Your Dota play style is represented on 5 different axes, so that you can easily compare yourself with your friends.


The new chat interface has been designed to make it easier for players to form communities and get to know new people over and over again.


Use the whisper function to quickly text your friends. You will get the answers right in the new chat window, whether your friends are playing Dota or not.


You can now configure chat rooms in such a way that messages are displayed in all tabs in order to follow several small chats at the same time. Group and whisper messages also appear in all tabs.


The maximum number of people who can join a single chat has been increased to 5,000 to support larger communities.
Dota is all about the heroes. We've redesigned the Hero Board to create a place where you can study the heroes, practice with them, and customize their gear.


It is now easier to search for specific heroes, for example by setting filters for the carry or support role. You can also restrict the criteria further by adding more specific filters afterwards, such as the Nuker or Jungler role. You can also increase the strength of the filters set to see which heroes get along particularly well with the respective role.


You can now test all cosmetic sets on the respective hero and then purchase them directly from the Dota shop or the community market using the "Buy" button. In addition, there is now more information in the hero descriptions to help you find out whether you like the respective hero. Guides written by the community can now also be viewed from there without having to start a game.


The new Hero Demo button launches a safe environment where you can calmly try out each hero's skills and practice killing creeps. The hero also wears the equipment you choose, which allows you to test all cosmetic items in-game before buying them.
Watching a game is just as central to Dota 2 as playing a game yourself. The "Watch" section has been redesigned to make it easier to find the games you want to watch and enjoy them with the new DotaTV.


We combine the best features of DotaTV with the best features of streams. DotaTV now offers you detailed statistics and graphs and at the same time allows extensive video coverage of tournaments. The streams support a resolution of 1080p at 60 frames per second, contain an embedded data stream for statistics and graphs and can be accessed via the Dota 2 client as well as with a web browser. Do you need a short break or have you missed something? You can pause or rewind at any time. You will also be able to see streams from other providers right in the client.


The "Watch" section now presents you with a mixture of tournament games in progress, games with very good players, games with your friends and games that your friends are watching. The new preview also gives you access to more information to help you decide which game to watch. This includes, among other things, a detailed list of the score, gold and experience graphs as well as statistics of the individual players.


Have you heard of a big tournament with the final rounds being played? Check out the Trending Events section for all the information you need, including the current status, future games, teams participating, commentators and more.


While a game is running, you can press the "Watch Later" button to quickly save a point and see the recording again later. The Recordings section shows you all the games recently played by friends, as well as the recordings rated highest by the community.


You can add descriptions to your favorite recordings and share them with your friends. All recordings also have their own comment sections so you can discuss the best actions and the most heartbreaking defeats.
Many players feel that while our existing tutorials are good at teaching Dota mechanics, they don't make new players understand why Dota is so great. So we created a new system of guided bot games that allows new players to instantly experience a full game of Dota while receiving tips and advice.


If you have a friend who you want to introduce to the world of Dota but shy away from the amount of knowledge you would need to pass on to them, we have something for you. Providing just as much information to be interesting as not overwhelming, these tutorials are designed to be fun, educate, and understand what a full game of dota looks like for any budding player.


If you have friends who haven't played a game like Dota before and are struggling with guided bot games, there's still the oversimplified mechanics tutorial, where they can focus on the most essential things.