Who definition of mental health care


WHO definition
World Health Organization definition:

“The social mandate of care is to help individuals, families and entire groups to determine and realize their physical, psychological and social potential in the context of their living and working environment, which is demanding for work. The caregivers must develop and fulfill functions that promote and maintain health and avoid illness. Care also includes planning and support in the event of illness and during rehabilitation, and it also includes the physical, psychological and social aspects of life with their effects on health, illness, disability and death. Caregivers ensure that the individual and family, friends, social reference group and community are included in all aspects of health care as appropriate, thereby promoting self-confidence and self-determination. Nurses also work in partnership with relatives of other groups involved in providing other health or similar services. "
Source: Wikipedia - WHO

ICN definition
Definition of the International Council of Nurses:

"Care includes the independent care and support - alone or in cooperation with other professional members - of people of all ages, families or partnerships, as well as groups and social communities, whether sick or healthy, in all life situations (settings). Long-term care includes the promotion of health, the prevention of diseases and the care and support of sick, disabled and dying people. Other key tasks of care are the perception of interests and needs, the promotion of a safe environment, research, participation in the design of health policy, as well as in the management of the health system and in education