First date ideas on what to wear

Tips & ideas for the first date

No doubt: on a date, you should find out more precisely what is there! But ideas for a date are not that easy to come up with, because you want to show the potential new partner something with this first date. It shouldn't be as boring and ordinary as with the singles that the other has met before. A conversation should be possible, at best more feelings arise on both sides. With these ideas for a date, the proverbial spark could actually become something.

Our ideas for the first date

Date idea # 1: eat differently
Picnic as an idea for the first date One of the most classic ideas for a date is a delicious meal in a beautiful setting. This is not new, the date has probably been with 10 other singles before. However, having a meal together has the advantage that you can talk in peace - and that's mostly what the first date is all about. Eating is okay, but creativity is a must: instead of going to the restaurant, take a date and a picnic basket on a summer meadow in the evening or on a romantic park bench. Fruit, sparkling wine and sandwiches can be optimally cooled in a cool box and still taste like they come from a restaurant - or even better. Besides, that's a good one Idea for a dateto show the other person that you can do it in the kitchen.

Date Idea # 2: Ice Skating
Ideas for a date are especially hard to come by in winter. You can go to the Christmas market in December, but what about the cold, dark January? Off to the next frozen lake, put on your ice skates - because one of them is guaranteed to fall and let the other catch him! Sports experiences sometimes even weld more together than an extended introductory talk. If you struggle with this, you can avoid the situation of sitting across from the date and not being able to say anything. In addition, ice-skating - if necessary in an equally cold ice-skating hall - is incomparably romantic and you can still have a cocoa together afterwards.

Date Idea # 3: Amusement Park
The nicest ideas for the first date include those that prevent uncomfortable silence from occurring in the first place. Many ideas for the first date create a little too much space for conversation, but those who are just getting to know each other may not have much to talk about at first. The idea of ​​spending a day together in a large amusement park offers both: space for first experiences together and, over lunch or dinner, time for a conversation, which, however, does not get too long. Since most adults enjoy the amusement park just like children, this idea is also good for a first date if the other person is not sure whether they want a date.


Date idea # 4: dance, cooking, language course
Do you want ideas for the first date to result in many more dates? Both have explored a common interest? Then one of the best ideas for that first date might be to sign up for a class. At best, you have known each other for a while when you register together, so that this is more likely to be the first joint activity. There is nothing wrong with trying these ideas for the first date with someone you have got to know completely new, if you would continue the course on your own if necessary.

Date idea # 5: City tour in your own city
This idea for a date is ideal if both of you come from the same (larger) city or at least have been there more often. It is important that both have memories of the city - because then they will know how to tell their own stories about the POIs in their city, which they can see together on a city tour. Often, you never get to know your own place of residence in this way until you are motivated to do so. The idea for a date is sure to meet with approval quickly, as very few people do not even want to get to know their place of residence better. And it is well known that exciting shared experiences weld together, especially in the dating phase ...

Do's & Don'ts on the first date

Not all date ideas are created equal. Sometimes it is not at all because of the couple that there is simply no mood and certainly no feelings. The location and the idea simply don't fit. So what can and should the idea for the date yield and what should you definitely avoid on a first date?


  • Create space for discussions - if you don't have the opportunity, you won't have a say
  • relaxed mood - it is difficult to get to know each other in a noisy, restless atmosphere
  • Allow space for experiences - it could be the first memories in the relationship
  • Plan the possibility to withdraw - in case the conversation ends or it doesn't fit ...



  • Extreme situations: Fear, fear or tension (e.g. when bungee jumping) do not necessarily create tingly feelings ...
  • conversations that are too long: the first date should make you want more
  • Too exuberant situations: the bed of roses is better saved for the wedding night


The best ideas for a date allow the meeting, because this decides whether you will see each other again or not. However, good ideas for a date do not create an uncomfortable atmosphere. For example, if one of them doesn't want to do sports or prefer to take it easy while the other has added action to their idea for a date, both of them will likely end up feeling uncomfortable and likely not to see each other again. One of the most important do's when it comes to ideas for a date is creativity, because you don't necessarily want to experience the same date with just one other person more than once.

Gifts for the date - yes, no, maybe?

With all ideas for a date, one wonders not only what to wear and where to go, but also whether it's okay to bring a little something to the date.

Gifts for the first date are basically neither right nor wrong, but a question of the relationship to one another. Bringing presents for a date without having seen each other at least once can be too early. After all, neither of them yet know what the other likes. If, on the other hand, you have known each other for a while and only now had the idea for the date, you can already better assess what might suit the other person. In addition, a gift for the first date should not be too expensive, because firstly you want to be able to improve your relationship and secondly, a little restraint during the dating phase is often better than too many exuberant gestures of affection. It is better to put a little more effort into the idea for the date and keep gifts small at first.

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What helps against nervousness?

The first date makes you nervous - and that probably won't get any better on the second or third date. The idea is that the gifts for the date are organized - and yet this or that could go wrong. Against the nervousness it can help to remind yourself that the other is only human ... and certainly just as nervous as you are. Since the first meeting can be particularly nervous, it helps to come up with ideas for the first time Thinking up dates where you don't spend too much time together. So you know the second time that nothing bad is going to happen. If you actually see each other for the first time on your first date, you should definitely make a phone call or skype beforehand, because this is how you can hear and see each other and at least have a familiar voice or a familiar face in front of you on the date, which can have a calming effect. Last but not least, of course, a little effort also helps with the ideas for the date: because if this is right, then almost nothing can go wrong.

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