Behringer GM108 amp settings for whole lotta


The sound of an electric guitar - by the way, also by non-musicians - is primarily associated with a distorted sound. One thinks of titles like Smoke On The Water, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Whole Lotta Love or Enter Sandman - powerful guitar sounds that for many exemplify the sound of an electric guitar. If you want to create this sound with your guitar, you can do it in different ways, but the easiest and most effective way is via a small pedal: the distortion. With one step on the foot switch, the guitar changes from good to rock'n'roll and vice versa.

What was a very loud and rather difficult undertaking in the early years of the electric guitar - often coupled with a sawing tone that did not sound like pleasant distortion - becomes child's play with these little helpers at your feet. There are distortion pedals for every budget and every taste, and what remains is the agony of choice, because the range is huge. And this is exactly where our guide should start and provide some clarity on the subject of distortion for the guitar: How the distorted guitar sound shaped the history of rock'n'roll, which types of distortion exist and how to set them, and how to find the right pedal for your sound vision.