How to clean knives after cutting jackfruit

Clean the knife


All you need to clean an ordinary kitchen knife is some water and washing up liquid. Run some water into your sink and pour a squirt of detergent onto a rag or sponge. Then, pick up the knife with the blade facing away from you and wrap the rag around the blunt side to wipe it vertically. Be extra careful when approaching the sharp side of the blade so as not to cut yourself. If you're trying to clean a rusty or very dirty knife, first fill a glass with enough white wine vinegar to completely submerge the blade. Then put the knife in the glass with the blade facing down and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then take out the knife and work the blade with a sponge until the rust and dirt are removed. You can also use baking soda to remove rust and dirt. To do this, fill a bowl with equal parts water and baking soda and mix the whole thing together to make a paste. Place this on the knife with a spoon, then scrub over it with a clean toothbrush until no rust or dirt can be seen. Then rinse the knife with water. Find out how to clean a pocket knife if you read on!

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