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Irish first names

Most popular baby names in Ireland

The most popular names for newborn children in Ireland were Jack and Grace. Jack has maintained the top spot since 2007, with the exception of 2016 when James was the most popular name. Grace takes first place for the first time after finishing second in 2018 and 2019. From 2011 to 2019, Emily was the most popular name for girls.

New in the top 100 are the boy name Sonny and the girl names Penny, Luna, Cora, Fíadh, Croía, Elsie and Paige.

Top 100 of 2020

Spelling variants with the same sound were made Not summarized.

Top 5 of 1967

  1. Mary
  2. Margaret
  3. Emma
  4. Ann
  5. Anne
  1. John
  2. Michael
  3. Patrick
  4. James
  5. Paul

Source: Central Statistics Office

Information on the 2009, 2011 and 2017 first name statistics from Ireland

Traditional naming rules

Many Irish families follow these traditional rules when choosing a name and do not have to worry about what the child should be called:

  • The first son gets the name of his father's father
  • The second son gets the name of his mother's father
  • The third son gets his father's name
  • The fourth son gets the name of the eldest brother of his father (i.e. an uncle)
  • The first daughter gets the name of her mother's mother
  • The second daughter takes the name of her father's mother
  • The third daughter gets her mother's name
  • The fourth daughter gets the name of her mother's eldest sister (i.e. an aunt)

As in other countries, such traditions are less and less taken into account. There are also variants of the above rules that differ from family to family or from region to region.

Typical Irish first names

Man names: James, John, Martin, Michael, Patrick, Thomas
Women names: Anne, Bridget, Brigid, Catherine, Ellen, Helena, Margaret, Mary, Nora, Susan

Irish first names are distinguished between original and immigrant names. The latter then appear as an Irish variant. The German-speaking Ireland portal irish-net explains the background.

Prejudice against first names of Irish immigrants

Notes on the meaning and pronunciation of Irish names

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