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Andis GTX vs. T Outliner - 2021 Comparison Guide

Are you confused between Andis GTX and T Outliner trimmer models? So, finally, your search ends here. We are comparing these two models, i.e., Andis GTX vs. T Outliner in terms of features and specifications.

Andis is a trusted company that offers impressive hair trimmers. It is the best device to groom your beard and mustaches. It helps in blooming your personality to the next level. People equally prefer both products, but which one is better and why?

You will buy only one hair trimmer at a time. It is essential to know the best product to spend your money wisely. Therefore, we will compare the features to know about the best hair trimmer out of these two. Go through the following write-up and buy the right hair trimmer as per your needs.


Andis GTX vs. T Outliner - Specification Comparison

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Key features:

  • Size: 7 x 3 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Model No.: 4775
  • Cutting strokes per minute: 7200
  • Speed ​​/ motor: Single speed / magnet
  • Accessories: Blade Oil, and four attachment combs
  • Voltage: 120V / 60Hz
  • Color: Black

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Key features:

  • Size: 1.8 x 1.5 x 5.2
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Model No.: 04710
  • Cutting strokes per minute: 7200
  • Speed ​​/ motor: Single speed / magnet
  • Accessories: Blade Oil
  • Voltage: 120V / 60Hz
  • Color: Gray

Let us consider some important features and compare two models of Andis


The design of the appliance is a crucial thing to consider. It matters when you look for a comfortable device to work with for long hours. The hair trimmer must be designed in such a way that it looks attractive and trims your hair precisely.

Andis GTX: This model comes in black color with plastic-made striped body. It looks professional, sleek, and stylish along with an adjustable knob in black color. The power cord is very thick and robust. It is a bit heavy to carry.

T Outliner: The Andis model is available in gray color along with a dark red knob. It looks simple and elegant. The hair trimmer comes with two-prolonged power cord. It is also a bit heavy, but less than the GTX model.

Winner: Here, the winner is the Andis GTX model because it looks stylish as well as professional. The included power cord is comparatively sturdy and thick.


It is good to have additional components along with a hair trimmer. Let us check what we get in the kit along with these hair trimmers.

Andis GTX: There are two accessories included in the kit along with a hair trimmer. It contains a beard oil as well as four attachment combs. These components help in trimming your hair more precisely and beautifully.

T Outliner: On the other hand, there is only one accessory included in the kit. It contains only beard oil, which you can use to provide an excellent finish to your hair.

Winner: The winner product is the Andis GTX model. There are more accessories in comparison with T Outliner.

Adjustable blades

Blades in the hair trimmer are the essential thing to consider. A good hair clipper is the one which includes quality blades that remains sharp for a long time. Let us check which hair trimmer is the best in terms of blades.

Andis GTX: This model has deeper teeth on the carbon-steel stationary blade. It provides a cleaner look and also, cut long hair smoothly. It gives a sharp finish rather than a blunt look. The hair trimmer is equipped with a powerful electromagnetic motor that runs these blades efficiently. It is essential to oil the blade before use.

T Outliner: The teeth on the stationary blade on the T Outliner are comparatively shorter. It can trim better than cutting the long hairs. You need to take care while trimming, and else it will give a blunt look to your beard and mustaches

Winner: The winner product is the Andis GTX because the teeth on the stationary blade are comparatively larger and sharp.

Power Cord

Long power cord allows you to use the hair trimmer comfortably. You can connect it anywhere and trim your hair at a distance without any inconvenience.

Andis GTX: The GTX model comes with a heavy-duty grounded cord of length 8 feet. It also includes a hanger loop to hang it anywhere. You can comfortably use the trimmer and hang it wherever you want. It becomes more manageable for you to take care of the hair clipper.

T Outliner: Similarly, this model also comes with a power cord of 8 feet. It helps you to trim your hair at a distance. You can simply wrap the cord to store it any place.

Winner: The winner product is the Andis GTX model because it has a long power cord along with a hanging hook. You can store it anywhere by hanging or wrapping it.


The performance depends on the motor of a hair trimmer. It is recommended to buy the hair clipper with electromagnetic motors which can cut dense hair and trim precisely.

Andis GTX: The motor of this model is very powerful. It has deeper teeth that can easily cut long hair. The hair trimmer produces less heat even after prolonged use. It has a long-lasting motor for precise trimming.
T Outliner: The performance of this model is comparatively less than the GTX model. The motor gets hot quickly. The short teeth blades cut hair bluntly, if not done properly.

Winner: The winner product is the Andis GTX because the motor of this model performs well as compared to T Outliner.


The hair trimmer must have a comfortable grip so that one can use it for long hours. Let us compare these two models to know which has a comfortable grip.

Andis GTX: This model comes with a striped design that also provides a comfortable grip. You can hold and trim the hair of your beard and mustaches without any pain in your arm. As a professional trimmer, it can be used in salons.

T Outliner: Similarly, T Outliner model has a comfortable grip due to stripe design. It is easy to hold it in your hand because it is lightweight. The comfortable grip allows you to trim your hair for many hours.

Winner: Both products are comfortable to carry. Professionals in salons can use these products. Both devices have a striped design that makes you comfortable to use the trimmer for long hours.


It is essential to check the versatility of the hair trimmer. A hair clipper / trimmer can be used for many purposes. Let us compare the different purposes of these two models.

Andis GTX: It is a professional hair trimmer for dry shaving, fading, and all-around lining. The zero-gapped blades provide a fantastic finish to your beard and mustaches.

T Outliner: The carbon-steel blade in this hair trimmer provides an accurate detailing to your beard and mustaches. The high-speed motor can easily shave dry hair, trim all-around lining and fade the dense hair.

Winner: Both products serve the same purpose. These hair trimmers are used for dry shaving, fading and all-around lining.

Pros and Cons

1. The blades of hair trimmers are sharp enough to give precise cutting.
2. The long deeper teeth can cut heavy and long hair easily.
3. This hair trimmer looks professional, stylish and attractive.
4. It comes with the beard oil and four attachment combs.

1. The hair clipper is a bit heavy.
2. The power cord of the hair trimmer is not too long.

1. This hair clipper is quite lightweight and can be taken while traveling.
2. It is a good hair trimmer for fine detailing and outlining.

1. The design of the hair trimmer is not much appealing.
2. It is available only in gray color.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the winner product is Andis GTX hair trimmer and clipper. It is a fantastic device to keep your beard and mustache in shape. One can rely on the performance of the motor and the blades of the device. After comparing Andis GTX vs. T Outliner, you know the right product to purchase.

Andi's GTX

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It is advised to purchase the right as well as a quality product that lasts for a long time. The motor of the hair trimmer should not heat up quickly. The blades of the clipper should be sharp enough to cut and trim long and dense hair. The GTX model is what you are looking for in terms of features.

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