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Game camera test 2021 • The 6 best game cameras in comparison


Diagram showing the price-performance ratio of the wildlife cameras

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What is a wildlife camera and how does it work?

Under one Wildlife camera one understands a preconfigured camera, which is equipped with a number of infrared transmitters. It is attached to a specific place that it keeps an eye on day and night. As soon as something moves in front of the camera, the motion detector in the practical test. For later inspection by the hunter or homeowner a Picture or video recorded. The wildlife camera proves to be in the test weatherproof, which distinguishes it from many types of cameras. As the test run shows, the trail camera is in comparison extremely easy to use compared to other cameras. You just have to put it in one place and turn it on. The wildlife camera then monitors the respective Area.

Areas of application - wildlife camera in use

That was true for a long time Wildlife camera especially as the camera for Hunter. After all, with her one can observe changes and feeding places very well. The increases success at the Hunt. However, the number has increased Break-ins also aroused interest in the game camera among many homeowners. According to the analysis, your greatest advantage is likely to be the easy to use be. In the test, you simply attach them to a specific point that you want to monitor. Then you just have to do it turn on and as soon as something comes into view it becomes a video or picture recorded. All information that the wildlife camera collects is used in the test on the Memory card secured. The pictures and videos can be viewed in connection simply transfer it to your home PC.

What types of game cameras are there?

Both Wildlife cameras is usually between two types differentiated.

The simple game camera stores all information on one SD memory card. She will with Batteries operated and simply placed in a specific place. The test shows that many Models can theoretically stand in one place for several months before the battery is used up.
However, you should first weigh up whether this is really for your own Intended use makes sense. After the intended use, you have to return to the place where you attached the wildlife camera. A comparison of the pictures can only be made in your own home if you have the memory card on Pc reads out.

Wildlife camera with cellular network

The similarity between the two Game camera types may be striking at first glance. After all, the devices hardly differ from each other in terms of specifications in the test. Both of them have excellent properties when it comes to the monitoring of a certain area. The trail camera with Cellular however is able once Shots taken to send to the cellular network. In the test run, you bind yourself to a specific manufacturer and theirs Billing system. All over Europe you can now easily check the pictures on your smartphone.

The wildlife camera has one in the test antenna and sends the recordings to the for a certain fee Users. The speed depends on the respective network standard. Some game cameras have an alternative WLAN module, which, however, severely limits the range and should mostly only be of interest to homeowners.

Brief information on the leading 7 manufacturers

  • Apeman
  • Seacam
  • Bresser
  • Toguard
  • Icefox
  • Dehydrator
  • Minox
Apeman International Co is based in the Chinese trading metropolis of Shenzhen. The company's self-declared goal is to manufacture high-quality products that inspire people to share their passion with the world. Apeman names passion, independence and creativity as core values. In addition to wildlife cameras, the Chinese company makes a number of action cams.
Seacam was founded by the passionate diver and photographer Harald Hordosch in 1989. In the same year, the first series production of aluminum housings and accessories for Canon, Minolta and Nikon takes place. In the test of the trade magazines, the first models come off extremely positively. In 1991 a new type of housing is presented that can combine all transmission elements. In 1999 production is improved by modern CNC machines. The first fully digital underwater flash followed in 2006. Time and again, the company provides innovations in the field of underwater photography.
The German company Bresser is a very well-known manufacturer and distributor of optical devices. In addition to a large number of accessories, wildlife cameras, microscopes, binoculars and telescopes are also sold under the brand name. Josef Bresser founded the company of the same name in 1957. Initially, the company specialized in the import and sale of binoculars. In the 1990s the company became one of the largest manufacturers in the optical industry. In 2013 the legal form was changed to a GmbH. The company's headquarters are in the town of Riede.
Toguard Electronics Co., Limited is a Chinese manufacturer of portable video cameras and audio recorders. The company specializes in action cams, wildlife cameras and dash cams. The corporate philosophy includes several building blocks that the company highlights on its website. Design is taken over by its own R&D team, for example, which includes customer feedback during product development. The products should be offered at the most reasonable and competitive price possible.
The Icefox company started with the founding goal of significantly improving the quality of hunting clothing. The essence of the brand is an excellent fit and the use of high-quality materials. Sustainability is in the foreground in production. The production takes place only in small series. In the showroom in Memmingen, the innovations of the Icefox company are presented to an interested public.
The Dörr company is based in the Bavarian-Swabian city of Neu-Ulm. She specializes in the import and export of goods from all over the world. In total, more than 50 employees work for the company. According to the company, these include numerous hunters, marksmen, photographers and animal watchers. A hallmark of the company is the very good customer service. Repairs are quickly resolved in the in-house workshop.
In 1936 the starting shot was fired for Minox GmbH, which is now based in Wetzlar. The Baltic German Walter Zapp presented a new camera that year. The original Minox quickly developed into a best seller. Up to 17,000 copies were sold before the war began. Because of the war, production was relocated to Hesse. In the post-war years, Minox developed an extremely successful spy camera. The company grew rapidly until 1988, but then had to file a settlement application. In addition to wildlife cameras, the large product range also includes telescopic sights and binoculars.


This is how a wildlife camera is tested

To one Comparison winner to identify the various Wildlife cameras tested by several experts in different situations. In the test of the trade magazines, the Recording quality checked first. For this purpose, the wildlife camera is triggered at different times of the day. In this way you can see how good the Dynamic range the camera is. The quality of the motion sensors is tested in which the testers approach the Field of view towards the camera.

In the experiment of the trade magazines, it is also checked how the different cameras compare with the processing beat. In the laboratory it will casing exposed to the weather that can occur in a severe winter. When testing, the scope of delivery rated. While that USB cable is still included with almost every device, some models are missing a Video cable. The comparison also suggests that the Mounting strap belongs to the basic equipment of a game camera.

Essential for a positive test mark is with the Wildlife cameras a easy to use. Unlike one DSLR camera can be manual Settings can be omitted with ISO and aperture.

Modes supported by the manufacturer make it possible to use the camera immediately after switching on ready to use is.
Another sample is not necessary. Before buying one should check that you have the Instructions for use of the model in advance on the Internet. That can save you a lot of annoyance.

In the evaluation, im comparison such models positively stand out that have a large Range of functions which is constantly updated by the manufacturer. Another point that is being examined by the trade magazines is that Free of harmful substances. The laboratory checks whether the casing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAK for short) were used. Finally, in the endurance test, a special aptitude test is carried out. This is how much electricity is tested device consumed during use and how quickly the Batteries empty in case of permanent use.


One of the Main criteria with a game camera it is Picture quality. When comparing, this is given in megapixels. Many manufacturers adorn themselves in comparison with high Megapixel numbers. In the comparison, it is important to ensure that there is no interpolation. Then the camera only takes pictures with five megapixels, but that picture is for example on 16 MP interpolated.

An important aspect of aWildlife camera is the response time. How long does it take for the camera to trigger? Especially when shy and nimble animals should be photographed, the trigger can be activated in fractions of a second. Before buying, you should definitely refer to the scope of delivery respect, think highly of. This includes imcomparison with many manufacturers the assembly belt, a USB cable and usually a video cable. One of the most important criteria is of course that Video quality. After all, this point is one of the core tasks of a camera.

In the test you should focus on the Video format respect, think highly of. In comparison, almost all cameras met the HD standard of 1280 x 720 pixels. Many also support it Wildlife cameras the full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. If you want to ensure good sound quality in your video recordings, you should buy a wildlife camera with an integrated microphone.

The more expensive game cameras are capable images to be sent via the cellular network to a smartphone or tablet.
However, this is associated with additional costs. Registration with the provider is necessary and after the account has been set up, this must be included Coins charge. For a better one Illumination provides a mixture of black and white LEDs.

Frequent defects and weak points - I have to pay attention to these when buying a wildlife camera!

A Weak spot, That is what customers at Amazon say about it several times Trigger sensitivity the wildlife camera. A comparison shows here of model big differences to model. What use is the best Wildlife camera, if it only triggers when the animal is about two meters in front of it? Buyers should get one beforehand to do a test and look at the specs of the model. In the Juxtaposition it is easy to see which camera is particularly sensitive and therefore more likely to trigger. Many customers agree on the subject Battery consumption.

In the experiment, some models turn out to be power guzzlers. Poor dynamic range is another issue that affects many buyers devaluation leads. Some fail, especially during twilight Image sensor under test the trade magazines. The picture then looks muddy and fuzzy. in the Product test this has a negative impact, since this is one of the core tasks of a camera belongs. A common one defect are the high mobile phone costs for the more professional Wildlife cameras. In the test you have to do this Models open an account with the manufacturer. Some settings can only be made with one Premium account which is only valid for one month after purchase. The shipping of the pictures is chargeable and requires regular Charges.

Another point of criticism that is mentioned again and again in a survey is that Shooting angle. If this is too small, objects appear enlarged on the recordings. So that becomes Field of view of the camera in a test. In comparison, one should refer to the customer reviews Build quality respect, think highly of.

According to customer reviews, a common defect is one bad processing. Most of all that casing a camera must be able to protect in the long term.
A lot is demanded of the housing in the winter months. After a long time, rain and cold cause cracks in the Material. A skinny one Range of functions is criticized in comparison with the customer reviews of several wildlife cameras.

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my wildlife camera?

A Wildlife camera is best acquired in Internet. Because here you have the opportunity with one Comparison table do a simple test. You can take your time to look at the individual specifications of the different Models look at. The congruence between the game cameras is very high. The Specialized trade often has only a very limited range. A comparison of the different models is also very difficult to find in specialist shops.

You can find the Reviews read by buyers. You get all of them in advance information about the experiences that buyers look for Game camera test have made. As the product test suggests, you also need additional accessories. For example batteries or a memory card. These can be conveniently ordered on the Internet. A comparison of these Products is just as easy to do. This makes it easy to find the best memory card that is perfect for Wildlife camera fits.

Worth knowing & advice

As one of the first pioneers of the Wildlife camera applies to the American George Shiras III. The politician not only represented the state of Pennsylvania between 1903 and 1905. He also published one Photo album, that showed footage of wildlife. This was in the prestigious magazine National Geographic published for the first time. 35 mm film was the norm for the very first models for a long time. Only 36 images could be recorded per band. Numerous inventions finally changed the shape of the Wildlife camera over the decades. Digitalization in particular revolutionized the entire market. They equipped them with innovations such as the smartphone or the infrared flash Wildlife cameras with new functions.

Stiftung Warentest wildlife camera test - the results

Stiftung Warentest does not yet have a game camera of its own test dedicated. On the other hand, a test was carried out in a large-scale study in 2017 Action cams performed. The result in the image quality category was remarkable and at the same time sobering. Not a single one camera was awarded the rating “very good”. It was positively emphasized that recently the manufacturers are increasingly focusing on a Panorama function respected.

Besides, be that Sound quality increased significantly. Another innovation was touted in the test that some action cams can be controlled by voice command. That was astonishing comparison also that a previous year's model was able to defeat the successor in the test result. Despite a price difference of more than 200 euros. A precise comparison of the different cameras can therefore always be worthwhile.

The evolution of the game camera over time

The forerunner of the film camera is the camera obscura.
Originally it was just a darkened room with a hole in the wall. Because of this hole could a light projected onto the opposite wall. The principle has been around since Antiquity known. However, the Renaissance genius applies Leonardo da Vinci as the first to correctly describe how the camera obscura works.

The rise of photography began in 19th century with the daguerreotype. One is named after its inventor Silver iodide coated silver plate exposed in mercury vapor.Progress finally ensured that the long exposure time on at least 45 seconds could be lowered. During the whole 19th century the procedure was further refined. Beginning of 20th century the first real film cameras appeared.

Nevertheless, it should still be until Late 20th century take to get the first correct one Wildlife cameras showed up. However, these were not yet affordable for hobbyists, only for professional hunters. In the course of advancing digitization the camera market fanned out. Today not only hunters use the wildlife camera, but also farmers, nature lovers and homeowners.

Numbers, data, facts about the wildlife camera

According to the Hessian data protection authority 350 complaints are sent to the office each year via wildlife cameras. That underlines that you are in front of you test should first deal with the data protection rules. Calculated for the day, it would be almost one Complaint per day. Some homeowners use that Wildlife camera, to spy on neighbors in the event of a dispute. Such behavior is of course not in line with local legislation. Wild cameras are allowed arbitrarily not in the forest be attached.

This requires a Approval. This can be granted, for example, if a scientific benefit is fulfilled. The Filming and photography of hikers and walkers is prohibited in this case. The Legal situation however differ. A more accurate and thorough one comparison is therefore advisable before setting up the camera in one place.

Care tips

On the Camera lens accumulate over time Dust and dirt particles. A quick check is often enough to determine whether the lens has a cleaning requirement. In no case should you tackle the dirt with the T-shirt. It is also important to avoid alcohol-based cleaning agents.

The test shows that this can cause small scratches. Instead on Manufacturer information respect, think highly of. A Microfiber cloth or a Lens brush show the best Cleaning effect on. In no way should the camera be removed from the housing. As the test suggests, the case turns out to be the best Weather protection. It protects the camera from rain and frost. The sensor can be opened with a simple damp cleaning cloth clean. The wildlife camera should always be inspected at regular intervals.

A short one test is enough to determine whether the camera is still working properly. The outer case can be with gentle detergents rid of the dirt. It is worth doing a test run after a long period of time to see whether the memory card is still writing without errors. At Batteries the comparison is worth it. Because some batteries fail in a harsh winter and discharge very quickly in the test. The best battery can do that Wildlife camera operate for many months.


Why is a wildlife camera needed?

The wildlife camera is positioned at a location that you can use around the clock supervised. As soon as the motion detectors register a movement, a admission started. This is useful when hunting, but also when Burglary protection.

What are infrared sensors for?

Game cameras compare the Ambient temperature with the help of Infrared sensors. A person or an animal stand out as a pattern because they are clear warmer are. The camera then starts a recording in the test.

Does the camera send the recordings to the smartphone?

Some game cameras have one Connection to the cellular network. Images and recordings can simply be sent to the smartphone during the test.

Can you use a wildlife camera to secure the house?

Yes, the test result is clear here. The wildlife camera is ideally suited to Monitor objects and secure. It has the best properties, as it is energy-saving, inexpensive to purchase and easy to use.

Which memory card should you buy?

In the Memory card you should definitely pay attention to a fast data rate. The test shows that the card has at least 100 MB / s should write.

Which camera takes the best photos?

According to the test of the trade magazines, you should look for a high number Pay attention to megapixels. Pay attention to the sensor used and its size.

How do you tie the game camera to the tree?

The scope of delivery usually includes a Tree sling contain. The tape can be attached to the tree immediately after the test.

Alternatives to the game camera

Compared to the vast majority of electronic products, there is no real one alternative to the game camera.

Only those Security Camera is the only alternative to a game camera. Their major disadvantage, however, is that they cannot be easily installed in the wild.
Another drawback is the very high entry price that is common with surveillance cameras. Compared to the Wildlife camera the surveillance camera proves to be more difficult to handle and less flexible. Both Camera types support a night vision function.