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Kitty Wilde

Kitty Wilde



the bitch of my trust, young Quinn Fabray (Sue)
Crazy evil Bitch (Santana)
mean cheerleader (everyone)
little girl (mercedes)
Bitch (ryder)
Kitty Cat, hot bitch, Doris Day (herself)
Bitch in its purest form, malicious witch (Santana)
Jesus loving little devil (puck)
the woman with the lizard ears (Brittany)
Woman (Artie)
Kitty Cat (Bree)
McKinley High's Biggest Bitch (Tina, Brittany)

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1st place for the most spoken languages ​​in the Bible camp

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Kitty Wilde is currently 12th grader at William McKinley High School and with the Cheerios. She was a member of New Directions until the Glee Club was dissolved and is diving into for the first time The new and the old Rachel on.

She was originally friends with the Glee Club at the beginning of season four due to their win at the Nationals last year, until they befriended Marley and Unique. In The role that was intended for you she applies for the role of Sandy in the school musical "Grease" and competes against Marley, who gets the role in the end. Kitty is furious about it and takes revenge by making Marley believe she has gained weight and sews her costume tighter to prove it. She persuades her that bullimia is the solution to her problem, which leads Marley to in Goodbye makes friends collapses at the Sectionals. As the series progresses, Kitty becomes more open and friendly, apologizes to Marley for her behavior, and becomes an active member of the Glee Club. She even supports Tina when she is "carried" by the Cheerois, even though Kitty is a member of them.

In Britney 2.0 it is revealed that she is dating Jake Puckerman, who is in Is separation the death of love? breaks up with her because she can't help insulting Marley. In Ladies first Kitty gets together with his half-brother, Noah Puckerman, but the relationship ends when he goes to college. Inlight off She seems attracted to Ryder as they shared the same experiences, but that doesn't last long as he sticks to his internet acquaintance Katie. In Love, love, love Kitty meets Artie, but initially keeps the relationship a secret because she fears for her reputation and first wants to make sure that she really loves him. Between New Directions and New New York they split up as Artie goes to college in New York.

She is from Becca Tobin shown.


Season four

Kitty appears in for the first time The new and the old Rachel when Sue introduces her to Kurt and is the new one

Head cheerleader with a very arrogant and bossy attitude. Sue describes her as "young Quinn Fabray", but "without being pregnant, manically depressed or sitting in a wheelchair". She makes a comment on Kurt's stay at McKinley, asking if he isn't going to college because she thought all gays were successful nerds, and then takes care of her daughter, Robin, on Sue's instructions. At the Lima Bean, she snaps at Kurt, who works part-time there, and complains about her ice cream stick, which is "too cold". At the beginning she is still a "friend" of New Directions, because they have been popular with the Nationals since their victory, and sits down at a table with two footballers during the lunch break. She laughs at Bobby and Phil's jokes about Mrs. Rose, the new "Lunch Lady", and looks at Artie expectantly when Artie is also asked to comment, which he does after a moment's hesitation. Again on lunch break, a few days later, she says that she can't make a moving truck with only white people on it, so she suggests making one with full of white chrysanthemums. With that she gives the cue for more

Comments regarding Mrs. Rose and asks Marley when she says that this is mean and that no one knows anything about her life why she makes such a fuss. She then reveals that this is her mother and is later apologized by New Directions. Kitty comes over with Phil and Bobby and overhears Marley telling the Glee Club that she will only be a member again if she no longer wants to sit at the same table with "the cheerleader" at lunchtime. She tells her that won't be a problem and gives New Directions nicknames before explaining that they are national champions like them and are therefore allowed to sit with them, but that her invitation has not been extended to Unique and Marley as part of their group. When the Glee Clubers say they don't belong anymore, Kitty lets them know she was hoping they would say what Bobby and Phil Marley and Unique Slushies slap in the face.

In Britney 2.0 she dances and sings to Brittanys with the other Cheerios in the backgroundHold It Against Me with and smiles contentedly when Sue tells him that the performance "was rubbish. She also throws it out of the

Cheerios and hands Kitty the top position. In terms of performance too Gimme More she notices that Brittany is singing full playback, which she also exclaims loudly and thus points out to the others, which leads to boos. She sees Marley and Jake talking in the hallway later and overhears her telling him that she is still wearing his jacket. When he says that it suits her too, Kitty interferes, saying that it suits her all the better. She holds out a hand demanding and tells Marley they are together. She asks her if he has not told her what she denies and then looks at him questioningly. Kitty again asks for the jacket, which she gets this time and then turtles Jake when Marley leaves sadly. Finally, she walks with him down the football field while he serenades her and Marley watches her from the stands.

Kitty invites in Is separation the death of love?Marley to her finals club, which is her duty as a "soldier of the lord". She believes that the end of the world is imminent and explains that Twitter predicts the Revelation of John, which is a fact and one of the seven signs of the Apocalypse, alongside porn, inexplicable weather anomalies, Martian vehicles, gay politicians, the Middle East and news channels. Furthermore, she states that the Finale Club accepts everyone, even lesbians and losers, which is why the whole Glee Club can show up and as long as Marley is not a Muslim, can participate. She quotes Kirk Cameron who said it is never too late until it is too late and tells those present at the Breadstix, where the meeting is taking place, that they are all sinners, so they should come to terms with God "quickly" because Jesus "booked himself a flight back to earth in the online travel agency". Kitty sarcastically points out that he has a great dad named God who throws him a "great party" called the end of the world and where he throws away his sandals and thaws a little

nzt and then dragging everyone in front of the latest rumor. When Santana asks what she's talking about, Kitty replies "from the beginning to the finale" and reports that when the end time comes, the true believers will ascend to heaven and let everyone else do it for themselves. When asked by Dottie what will happen to the undecided among them, Kitty replies that she has no idea why this should exist in the first place. She discusses something with her until she tells her that she heard that an elderly Japanese woman fell in the toilet and needs Dottie's help because she doesn't speak American. As she storms off, Kitty gives the signal for the "fake start", whereupon everyone leaves the restaurant and leaves their clothes behind, looking as if they had gone to heaven. If Dottie comes back and sees this, she'll panic and

hyperventilated, whereupon Kitty jumps out of her hiding place and calls out to her that this is how it feels to be left behind. The next day she sees Jake apologize to Marley for the evening and joins them, wanting to know what's going on. She asks her if she'll mess with her husband and starts insulting her and her mother. When Jake says it's enough, Kitty wants to know what else is up and he replies that he will break up with her. She doesn't believe it because it's like a bad Carrie Underwood song when she gets going, but he risks it and serves her up. Kitty blames Marley for this and threatens the two of them will regret this turn of events. She furiously strips Jackes Jake, which she pressed into his hand, and storms off, pushing a girl out of the way.

In The role that was intended for you Kitty walks past Jake, who is watching Marley and Ryder, and sarcastically asks if he wears the "Jealousy for Men" fragrance. When he asks how she got it, she replies that "his girlfriend" is only chatting with the "hottest guy at McKinley," who "happens to be Starfootba too."

ller with a cute old school Justin Bieber hairstyle ". He denies that Marley is his girlfriend and asks who wants such a hairstyle, whereupon Kitty insultingly replies and explains" half-black boys who don't have the hair for it " that he's deserved it since he broke up with her. She says she's sorry but no one dumps her, which is why she tells everyone that she sawed him off because of his "stupid third nipple" and apologizes She goes to Marley and Ryder and speaks to them, being friendly to him while insulting her as always. When he calls her a "bitch" and wants to know if she has harmed her, Kitty replies, that Jake is her ex-boyfriend thanks to Marley and she pretends to be a "poor, little, simple, slightly jerky girl", but they both know that she is basically a "little sly ass-creeper." After Marley runs away crying, Kitty leaves Ryderknow she's single and walk away. She wears herself for the school musical Grease when Jake joins her and tells her to register him too. Kitty

speaks to him because she thought he was too cool for that and he explains that someone has to stop her from murdering Marley. She adds that she has to stop them from "whoring around" with Ryder and says that she is not as stupid as Jake looks, saying that she has seen through him. Nevertheless, Kitty says that she has the perfect audition song for her and sings with himEverybody Talks for the lead roles Danny and Sandy. There is a callback between the two of them and Marley and Ryder, where they, together with New Directions, Mercedes and MikeBorn to Hand Jive perform and Kitty tries again and again to outdo Marley. Sometimes this leads to the fact that she ends up playing the role of Patty Simcox, who she wants whose, who the hell it is

is, doesn't get and understand this, explaining that she prayed like a madwoman for it. She tells Joe, who interjects, that God may have been too busy healing people with cancer to shut up, and blames Jake for saying that Hand jive "completely botched". He defends that they were both great and that it just shouldn't be, which Kitty lets him know that she's been hearing from him a lot lately. She bumps into Marley and tells her that she should remember that on stage you always seem five or in her case probably 50 kilos heavier, which is why she and her mum when they look for a costume "Rummaging through the garbage cans", better to grab one, which makes Marley look slimmer, like a black plastic garbage bag. Kitty walks away and walks past Sue, who calls after her that her baby needs his bottle.

Kitty comes in Glease because of the fitting in the auditorium and asks for "Little Miss China-Girl", so Tina. When Sugar wants to know if she didn't want to cancel because her role is too small for her, she quotes the Russian actor Constantin Stanislavsi "there are no small roles", but instead of small actors, she says bold and thus shocks Marley, who anyway Her costume already has problems. Kitty pretends to be surprised and apologizes, asking if she really said that and explains that she was probably distracted by her very noticeable weight gain. She asks whether Marley is playing the lead role in Grease or Hairspray and when she says she has no idea why she no longer fits into her costume, a flashback follows showing how Kitty sewn it tighter during the night. She tells her, even if she doesn't believe the media's definition of science, that it makes sense that Marley's metabolism is going up