How to remove bulletproof tires gta 5

GTA 5 Online - questions about some basics: what clothes protect etc.?


  1. The only thing that really works in online mode is the bulletproof helmet. Can be found in every clothing store. With the Heist, it is sometimes a good idea to put on some combat vests. That way you run slower but get less damage.

Otherwise there are of course the bulletproof vests.

2. You can either buy apartments directly at the houses, there are always signs in front of them. Nearby houses are marked in black. (I think it's a different color on the newer consoles and on the PC, I just don't know.)

Or you can buy them on the internet by Dymnasti8 under the category Money and Finance or something.

3. In the case of normal cars, buying armor and bulletproof tires is the only solution. Since you are still at a very low level, you probably won't notice a big difference in the low armor.

There is still the armored Kuruma and since the last big update (The one with the yachts) there is also normal armored cars. I recommend the Kuruma to every GTA game, with it you can easily complete missions without getting shot down.

You have to unlock the Kuruma when preparing for the first heist.

As I said, there are still normal cars with better protection, you also need significantly more shots to break through the glass.

If you do the Heists you get unlocked vehicles again and again. Like those with guns on the roof. You can then buy this on the Internet under Transport at warstock-cache-and-carry, but you always have to request it from Pegasus.

4. If you have previously bought protective vests, for example, you will also have them in the missions.

LG Nico