Clutch jerking when cold Yaris reviews

SACHS practical tip:

Our practical tips are only intended to provide an overview. The assembly instructions or instructions for use from the vehicle manufacturer and the warning and safety information contained therein for repairs must be strictly observed! All work must be carried out by a trained specialist. The images used in our practical tips and the procedure described are exemplary and may vary depending on the vehicle manufacturer and axle construction.

Chattering clutch - what does that mean?

If alternating torques arise in the slip phase (e.g. due to fluctuations in the coefficient of friction) and this stimulates the drive train to vibrate, this is known as chatter. Instead of grinding evenly, the clutch grips suddenly and loses contact again. These vibrations will be perceived by the driver as chattering (vibrations, rocking or jerking).

Plucking can have a number of causes.

Causes of Plucking

In addition to the clutch, poor engine settings or worn engine or gearbox bearings can also prevent smooth clutch engagement. The installation of the wrong clutch disc or an error during installation can also cause chatter.


  • Allocation of the parts to the vehicle?
  • Entire environment / all points for signs of wear and tear and correct settings
    • Release system?
    • Storage of the drive train?
    • Engine management?
    • Defects in the drive train?
Coverings are slightly oily or greasy
Hub profile damaged
Housing bent
Tangential leaf spring deformed
Worn engine mount

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