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Here's how to install a wireless repeater to improve your WiFi

How to Install a Wireless Repeater to Enhance Your Wifi: If your Wifi signal falls too short and you need more energy to receive it all rooms Investing in a wireless repeater at home or anywhere in your work place is ideal. You might want to dare to install it yourself, so in this post of Creative Stop we explain how to do it.


This is how a wireless repeater works

Wireless extenders or repeaters connect No need for cables to a router and have the ability to amplify the signal. The technical explanation is very simple as they just repeat and retransmit the signal. Are used to cover blind areas where your wifi can't reach.

You should know that while these extenders can expand the range of the signal, they can also cut its power in half. In case you have complications with your WiFi network coverage, we recommend that you opt for one Dual band router. You can also find them under the name Router Dual Band.

Most repeaters / extenders achieve their best range in the 2.4 GHz band. Another tip that you might find useful: Optimize signal is that you pair the extender with the 2.4 GHz band and reserve it for tasks that require less demanding performance, such as: B. surfing the internet or checking your email. Use the 5 GHz band for items that are required High performance Your network, e.g. For example, wireless devices that broadcast multimedia content or those that connect to video game consoles, smart TVs, and more.

Where is the best place to place a wireless repeater?

When you are armed with the best equipment and services, the first thing to consider is the best location for the repeater. Usually the best solution is to place the extender between your router and the place where wireless coverage is gradually becoming less effective. They repeat the signal and amplify it at this last point. Here we explain different methods to determine where this signal is weakened.

Use FaceTime

Facetime a Telephony app with video that is often used for chatting. It could help you easily check where to place a repeater. The procedure is very simple: set up a chat in FaceTime between two users on two cell phones or other devices that allow you to move through the area your home or office network enters. Then, Connect them to the router wireless. One of the two users should stand next to the router and the other should keep moving further away from the first. If you find that the chat is interrupted or the answers take longer to reach your device, then you've found the area where the signal is starting to weaken. This will be a good place to place the wireless repeater. If you have an outlet nearby, keep that in mind.

Use InSSIDer

Another way to tell where in your home the WiFi signal is weak is through free software that you can download without any problems. This is inSSIDer. This utility shows you the signal strength of your router in decibels. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Android devices. Install it on your laptop or Android and take as reference The number of decibels closest to the router. As you move away from it, you can see when the signal intensity decreases. This is the best place to place the repeater.

Note that signal strength is generally measured as a negative number. The closer this value is to zero, the stronger the radio signal.

In houses with more than one tenant


In a community with multiple tenants connected to the Internet, the strength of your radio signal can be reduced. Share the same radio channels in the same room affects the signal quality. We therefore recommend that you spend some time using the tools we discussed in the previous two sections to find out where your signal is weakening. That will give you some pointers about where to place a repeater.

Other recommendations

If your extender is from the same manufacturer as your router, performance will usually be better. Although it doesn't have to be that way. Most repeaters should be able to do this Work with any router. The only thing to keep in mind is that your extender is 802.11n compatible if you have a router with these tech specs. If your router is an older b / g it will work too, although it's true that it doesn't do it in the most efficient way.
If you're configuring an extender with a router, make sure they both have the latest Firmware updates. You may need to set up the repeater near the router before you can place it where you want.

We hope this tutorial has been easy and complete for you. You can also place a wireless repeater without having to call an installer. Thanks to Parada Creativa, you can now enjoy your WiFi signal in every corner of your home.