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What is Drinkbetter from "Die Höhle der Löwen" really good for?

By Laura Pomer | April 21, 2020, 9:38 p.m.

Johannes Bitter (national handball goalkeeper) and Christian Monzel (ex-hockey national league keeper) have teamed up as founders and developed a nutritional supplement for drinking: the "Drinkbetter Elixir", which, with its performance-enhancing properties, helps consumers face their physical and mental challenges in everyday life should support. They explain all the details in today's season finale of the founding program “Die Höhle der Löwen” (8:15 pm on Vox). FITBOOK reveals what distinguishes the product - and what independent experts say about it.

Sports enthusiasts might have known Johannes “Jogi” Bitter even before his pitch in the founders show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (DHDL). The now 37-year-old was in goal in 2007 when the German national handball team won the world championship. Co-founder Christian Monzel (59), also not a blank slate in terms of sport, was active as a player and assistant coach in the first German hockey league.

The next career step is to go into the dietary supplement market with the joint company Drinkbetter, and an appearance at DHDL should help.

How did Drinkbetter come about?

Bitter and Monzel know from their own experience the importance of a comprehensive supply of nutrients during physical and mental stress. If you are looking for a dietary supplement (WITHOUT chemical additives!) That is convincing in terms of effectiveness and applicability, you do not want to find what you are looking for. So it came about that they committed themselves to the task of developing a corresponding product themselves.

What is special about the product?

The essential unique selling points of Drinkbetter are the freedom from chemistry and above all the valuable ingredients of the elixir, or their good usability for the body. As Christian Monzel explains to the Vox-Löwen, there are various plant substances with a proven performance-enhancing effect, but not all of them are water- and fat-soluble. These properties are important, however, so that, for example, vitamins and other nutrients do not ricochet off the intestinal wall and are then excreted from the body unused.

In order to overcome this hurdle, the valuable, but difficult to dissolve substances are specially “disguised” in drink beds, as Bitter puts it. In cooperation with a team of Berlin researchers, the components were coated and processed into small spheres. With this so-called SoluSmart technology, the body should be able to interpret it as something known and metabolize it.

How do you use the product?

The active ingredient globules are presented in so-called caps. Before use, the Drinkbetter drinking bottle must be filled with tap water and the cap must be put on as a cap. The cap is screwed on, unlocked and its contents pushed down into the bottle. By shaking the ingredients, they should be released and made usable by the drinker and thus be able to get through the digestive tract into the blood.

Who is the product intended for?

Drinkbetter is intended to support top athletes as well as “everyday heroes” such as young parents, teachers, managers and co. In coping with their usual challenges. Unlike a caffeine boost through coffee, for example, which usually only has a short-term effect, the increase in performance through Drinkbetter builds up gradually and lasts for up to eight hours. Thus, people should be able to benefit from it for a whole working day (e.g. also in the office).

What does the product contain?

One pack size contains a Drinkbetter bottle and a total of five caps, i.e. five servings of Drinkbetter. There are "a lot of valuable ingredients in it", assures Bitter, which in their combination should be able to shift perceived limits and thereby increase performance. When asked by Carsten Maschmeyer, he mentions ginger, gingseng, green tea extract, resveratrol and alpha lipoic acid.

In terms of taste, the drink cannot score points with the Löwen in terms of taste. But it shouldn't be - the founders emphasize that they consciously decided against artificial flavorings, even though they could have influenced the taste (possibly positively).

Where is Drinkbetter now?

According to the founders, the path to the finished product was very long - and expensive. As you report at DHDL, you have invested a lot of time (including for application monitoring and improvement loops) and a total of around 70,000 euros in the development of Drinkbetter. They now have a patent. Among the well-networked marketing professionals at DHDL, they are looking for a strategic partner to enter the market with the dream of bringing their product to all drugstores, possibly pharmacies and teleshopping.

What do independent experts say about Drinkbetter?

According to nutritionist Uwe Knop, the principle - nutritional supplements in the form of pellets to be dissolved in liquid - is nothing new. And yet there is a difference: Some of the existing ones have been approved as pharmaceuticals, "and thus also a state-certified area of ​​application," says the expert on FITBOOK. From a legal point of view, Drinkbetter is nothing more than food.

Knop sees the only point of the SoluSmart technology in a slight time saving. "There is NOT a proven effect on health, just as there is no scientifically proven increase in performance," said Knop. According to this, the ingredients of drink beds, like other foods, should at best contribute to maintaining normal body function, depending on the amount of vitamins they contain.

After all: "The ingredients are all interesting," says at least Prof. Nicolai Worm, also a qualified ecotrophologist. However, even he does not necessarily see that they must therefore be in a dietary supplement. Not even if the dosage form of Drinkbetter might offer advantages. Because, according to Worm: "All of the additives mentioned can be taken in naturally through a Mediterranean diet."

Also interesting: the Mediterranean diet is said to have a positive effect on the intestinal microbiome

Combination deal with two lions

Drinkbetter was able to convince the majority of the five-member jury. In the end, the founders decide on a joint offer from Carsten Maschmeyer and Ralf Dümmel: 300,000 euros (instead of the 200,000 requested by Bitter and Monzel) as well as the necessary working capital in an undetermined amount. For this they secure 30 instead of 20 percent of the company shares.

FITBOOK spoke to Drinkbetter

The founders are still very satisfied with the outcome of the show, as Johannes Bitter reports in an interview with FITBOOK. The two lions of their choice have an enormous network and contacts as well as the necessary know-how in matters of sales. "We have learned a lot from our experienced partners and are happy to be able to develop ourselves," said the ex-handball goalkeeper.

Drinkbetter elixir available now

The product was actually quite fresh (Bitter: "the recipe and the first product dummies were just ready for the pitch")when they presented it to the lions. The publication of the website and shop was coordinated with the broadcast of the program - Drinkbetter is now available online.

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