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niwla23 wrote: ↑ Looks really cool, I am interested in making a server with this mod.
Can you explain how to set this up?
I created these arenas and signs and spwans, but i dont even now what they are for ...
Right, I guess a how-to would be pretty useful, I will add a / tutorial command in the next version, but for now I'll answer you here:

1) Creating the arena using

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where min players is equal to the minimum amount of players to make the arena start, and max players to the maximum amount of players that an arena can have.

2) Editing the arena using

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In this menu you can add spawn points and set up the sign to enter the arena: the spawn points are where the players will spawn when they enter the arena, while the sign is just the way to enter it (by clicking it).

3) Setting the match duration in seconds using

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4) Enabling the arena using

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Once you've done this you can click the sign and start playing :)