Doctor who 2x13 subtitles

Subtitles, sign language and AD in the media library

Live stream and numerous videos with subtitles online

In the ARD media library, almost all videos for programs on the First German Television are also available with subtitles. Individual programs are also offered with a sign language interpreter and as an audio film version (audio description).

To activate the subtitles, simply click the symbol that appears - and the texts will be displayed below the video.

Info box: You can now see the live stream of the First German Television continuously with subtitles. The videos with subtitles are also available via the HbbTV media library of the first (red button) and via PC, tablet and smartphone at

Around 90 percent of all programs in the media library are available with UT, for example (selection):

Note: The subtitles are usually offered for the entire program, not for the video contributions. If, for legal reasons, the entire program is not available on the Internet, subtitles can usually not be offered.

In addition, for technical reasons it is often not possible to provide the subtitles immediately. As a rule, the videos are subtitled online the day after they are broadcast. We ask for your understanding.

As a rule, the subtitles are created in the state broadcasting corporations (BR, NDR, WDR etc.) and put in the media library in cooperation with ARD Text.

Sign language interpreter overlays

In the media libraries, ARD has increasingly faded in sign language interpreters: The Tagesschau at 8:00 p.m., which Phoenix broadcasts with sign language interpreter fade-ins, is placed in the mediathek of Erste and ARD. Since April 2013, a weekly broadcast of the First Program (a political magazine) has been provided with signs and made available in this version in the media libraries. In addition, some state broadcasters also offer other programs in sign language in their media libraries.

Videos with sign language interpreters are provided by WDR for the following programs:

- The program with the mouse
- Hard but fair
- contrasts
- monitor
- Panorama
- report Munich
- Daily News
- Knowledge makes you ah!

Videos as audio film version

- Earth experience
- Hubert and Staller
- In all friendship
- In all friendship - The young doctors
- Police call 110
- For heaven's sake
- Crime scene
- Know before eight
- Selected films (from the series FilmWittwoch im Erste, TV films in Erste and fairy tale films)

The offer will be expanded further