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Chris Halliwell

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Christopher Perry Halliwell


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Christopher "Chris" Perry Halliwell is the second son of Piper and Leo, Wyatt's brother and the nephew of Prue, Paige and Phoebe. He has the gift of telekinesis like Prue, but can beam but not heal.

At the end of season 5 he appears at the witches' house and saves Phoebe from the titans. Due to good relationships with Valkyries, he banished Leo to Walhalla at the end of season 5 in order to be able to get closer to the sisters. When Leo appears again, he is no longer a guardian angel but an elder and Chris is the sisters' guardian angel. Piper and Leo don't trust him at the beginning, but that soon wears off with Piper. Chris is very closed, and only reveals that he has come from the future to protect Wyatt from getting angry. Phoebe is the first to find out through one version that Chris is her nephew. Over time, the others find out too, and it turns out that in the future, Wyatt is invincibly evil, Piper died on his 14th birthday, and Leo left the family early. When they think they have killed the demon who will later influence Wyatt to become evil, Chris wants to go back to the future. But the elder Gideon prevents this and swaps the worlds. At the same time, the present Piper goes into labor and threatens to die. Gideon, meanwhile, fatally injures Chris from the future and wants to kill Wyatt, but is, to his surprise, injured by him. Through the swapped worlds, the sisters manage to almost kill Gideon with double the power. When the worlds are all right again, Chris dies in Leo's arms, while Piper gives birth to Chris from the present in the hospital. Later you learn that Chris did not die, but was sent back to his now changed future.