How hospital stomach pumps

Internal diseases (digestion, stomach, intestines, kidneys, lungs)


However, if digestion causes persistent problems, if stomach and intestinal complaints increase, the symptoms should be clarified. The internal medical specialty that specializes in the entire digestive tract is known as gastroenterology. In the University Hospital Ulm you will find the specialists for this in the Clinic for Internal Medicine I. In addition to ultrasound examinations and imaging procedures, the esophagus, stomach and colon can also be examined directly using endoscopic techniques. During treatment, the gastroenterologists are supported by the internal specialists of the Clinics for Internal Medicine II and III, for example in the case of cardiovascular diseases, lung problems or infectious diseases.

General and visceral surgery

However, if conservative treatment is not enough in some cases, surgery is inevitable. The surgeons at the Clinic for General and Visceral Surgery have specialized in operations, particularly in the abdominal cavity, and are very experienced in all surgical procedures on the organs of the digestive tract. Complicated operations on the liver and pancreas can also be carried out here. Experienced experts who specialize in so-called thoracic surgery are also required for interventions on the lungs.

In the case of cancer, the interdisciplinary cooperation of all specialists who discuss the best treatment for each patient in joint tumor conferences has proven its worth. At the University Hospital in Ulm there is also a certified intestinal center for the diagnosis and treatment of all types of intestinal cancer and a sarcoma center, in which soft tissue tumors (sarcomas) are treated with great expertise.