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                                                                                         Movies Now Available on External Drive 


DVD movies are now available on USB Flash Drive





                                     New flash drive option added: 20 DVDs now available on USB Drive    







April 8 New download added to Archive Downloads section.





March 4 All DVDs now reduced to $ 12.00 (some to $ 10.00) including worldwide shipping.



Feb 27 2019 Updates to Downloadable DVD Page.






November 22 New Download Ellen Download 16


Runtime 8 mins Mp4 video features topless scenes.







November 1 Eleanor DVD 1 now available as a download





August 15 Downloadable DVD option now available






July 30 New Download

Rachel Download 1 added to $ 5 Downloads page




July 23 New Download

Hayley Download 1




July 2 New Download

Hayley Download 2






June 11 New Download






June 4 New Download






June 1 New Download





May 14 New Download





April 17  Price reduction on all Blu Ray discs.






April 13 Rosemary DVD 3 Now Available


This DVD features all of the movies from her CD 3, from the archive, early analogue footage now on DVD.







March 15 New Download









Feb 13 New Download






Feb 9 New items in the Boutique







New download


Suzanne cleans the bathroom Runtime 10 mins 40 sec.Mp4





New download


Katie appears in this new download, wearing a cobalt blue blouse and a tight black business skirt. This movie is also available on her DVD 4.

Runtime 10 minutes. HD Mp4 video.







Jan 28 New item in the boutique






Jan 12 New Download







Jan 7 New Download






Jan 2 2018 New Download






Dec 13 Samples added for Eleanor's Download 12






Dec 4 New Download







Nov 21 New Download added







Nov 15 New movies added to $ 5.00 Downloads Page

Price reductions in the Downloads Page.

New download option: buy 2 downloads, get one free.




Nov 2 Slip clips 6 now available


Four movies, 4 girls. Sample page





Sept 30 New Download






Sept 28 New Download





Sept 26 Compilation DVD 1





Sept 24 New item in the Boutique






Sept 19 New Download added






Sept 8 New Download added





Aug 14 New Download added






July 31 New item in the Boutique




July 29 New Download added




July 26 New item in the boutique





July 26 More movies added to $ 5.00 Downloads page





July 25 New item in the Boutique




July 23 New item in the boutique




July 19 New item in the boutique





July 4 Eleanor 5 now available







Some nice new viewing, her latest photos and video now available on DVD, Flash Drive

and Blu Ray.







June 10 New Download added





May 24 New Download added






May 9 New item in the boutique







May 4 New item in the boutique





May 3 New Download Added





May 2 New item in the boutique





April 25 New Download added