How to fit children's shoes


What You Should Know About Children's Feet Growth:

98% of children are born with healthy feet
However, 60% of adults suffer from foot damage.
Research from the past 70 years has shown that one of the most common causes of foot damage is poorly fitting shoes in the development of the foot.

Infancy 0-11 months
Most children do not yet need shoes, at most crawling shoes to protect their feet outdoors and as heat protection.
In this phase, some children already begin to straighten up and walk along objects, possibly also running free.
Now you should run outside too; Therefore, a very flexible shoe is recommended for this time, which can be moved in all directions, optimally adapts to the foot without hindering the child when crawling and walking - possibly even without a solid sole.
The leg position is very often bow-legged during this development period, which is completely normal.

Toddler age 12-36 months
The children start running at that age. During this time they change 3-4 shoe sizes a year. The footwear should be flexible and only offer protection. At this age, the shoe must be optimally adapted to the foot. For this reason you should not only consider the length of the foot but also the width (width of the foot taking into account the instep height).

See WMS = width and measure system
In this phase, the feet are still flat and do not need a pronounced footbed so that the muscles under the instep can develop. The leg position can now change to knock-kneed by hypercompensation, this step is also quite normal.

Pre-school age 3-6 years
At this age people run, jump, climb, everything is explored and tried out. The right shoe should therefore fit perfectly, but also be very resilient. The leg position should now be as straight as possible and an arch should have formed under the foot. (For comparison, you can brush your foot with an ink pad or finger paint and make an impression. Here you will notice that the foot is only shown as a ball, heel and side. The instep is left out.)
The growth of the feet is now represented by 2 sizes per year.

Children / adolescents from 6 years
The fashion aspect already begins at this age: What does my shoe look like?
With all fashion trends, please keep an eye on the function and fit! There are very fashionable shoes that still meet the standard of a good children's shoe.
Let us advise you.