Who is the largest manufacturer of 3D printers

These are the main manufacturers of 3D printers

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is divided into three technological approaches. They depend on which material is to be used and which process is used.

1. Photopolymer systems

Synthetic resins are used in this technology. Possible processes are stereolithography, polyjet or multijet modeling or digital light processing (DLP). In the latter process, the object is created using a digital light processor that serves as a UV light source and solidifies photo-reactive resin. The curing takes place by means of a laser or UV light.

2. Powder-based systems

This technology processes metals as well as plastics, plaster of paris, ceramics, glass and thermoplastics with different processes. These are, for example, laser sintering (metals and plastics) or laser melting (metals). The curing takes place by means of laser, binder or infrared.

3. Extrusion systems

These systems process thermoplastics, food, 2-component systems (e.g. cement) or even organic substances. The so-called bioprinters produce tissue from previously grown cells. The curing takes place here thermally, chemically or biologically.