What does oeko stand for


Database for environmentally and health-friendly detergents, cleaning agents and rinse-off cosmetic products

The listed products were rated independently. They bear the EU Ecolabel, the Austrian Ecolabel or have been assessed by DIE UMWELTBERATUNG and the Energy & Environment Agency of the State of Lower Austria and classified as less harmful to the environment and health - compared to conventional products.

Öko-Rein stands for

  • no microplastics in detergents and cleaning agents
  • biodegradable
  • low ecotoxicity
  • Ingredients that are not very harmful to the environment or health
  • environmentally friendly and resource-saving production
  • environmentally friendly packaging

The criteria for eco-pure products are checked independently by bewusstkaufen.at and are classified as recommendable: see www.bewusstkaufen.at

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The detergents and cleaning agents that bear the Austrian eco-label are also listed on Öko-Rein. That is why the Ministry of the Environment has financially supported the creation of the Öko-Rein database. In addition, DIE UMWELTBERATUNG recommends washing and cleaning agents that bear the European Eco-label or the Nordic Swan.

The City of Vienna uses the Öko-Rein database to purchase ecological products as part of "ÖkoKauf Wien" and has therefore also promoted the creation of this database.

Background information on the ÖkoRein database can be found here: Öko-Rein - what is it about?

The Öko-Rein video

additional Information

No disinfectants are listed on Öko-Rein. The Vienna disinfectant database can be found at www.wides.at.

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