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Entity store data is available in Azure Data Lake

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Business value

Enable advanced analytics and AI, such as reasoning over data, across Finance and Operations apps and other data in a customer's own Azure Data Lake. Finance and Operations apps provide easy access to denormalized transnational data in a near real-time basis.

The same dataset that powers analytical workspaces is now available for your own reports and data mash-up scenarios.

Feature details

Aggregate measurements are denormalized star schemas defined within Finance and Operations apps. Aggregate measurements enable users to navigate operational data without having to understand complex data schemas. Aggregate measurements are staged in the entity store, and the operational data warehouse is included.

With the general availability of Entity store schemas in Azure Data Lake, customers can directly access denormalized data for reporting and analytics. Aggregate measurements are stored in Data Lake Storage as Common Data Model folders that enable rich data mash-up and analytical scenarios. For example, aggregate measurement data can be attached as Power BI reference data flows and used for reporting with Power BI. Power users can easily create new data mashups and reports in Power BI Desktop.

Developers and BI professionals can use tools such as Azure Synapse and Azure Data Factory to work with data and create enterprise data warehouses.


This feature might not be available in all Azure regions and environments by the dates indicated above. Please refer to the documentation for availability.

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