How to pressurize someone who is passed out

Feeling pressured

First of all, clear your head.
Even if you find it impossible, start by doing something you really enjoy for a short time. You have to get out of the hamster wheel. Then you will be able to think more clearly again.

Bring yourself into a relaxed state
To do this, briefly tense all your muscles (hands, arms, legs, feet, upper body, back, glutes, abdominal muscles) - but only so strongly that they do not cramp. Keep the tension off by counting to 10. Then let go of the muscles again and breathe deeply and firmly a few times.

Change your breathing rhythm.
Breathe deeply into your abdomen. Then slowly let the breath flow out again. Then hold your breath and count from 1001 to 1006 (one thousand and one ... one thousand and six), then inhale, exhale and hold your breath again as you count. Do this for a few minutes, until you are calmer and more relaxed.

Go on a fantasy journey.
Choose a place from your memories where you felt really relaxed and comfortable. Put yourself back in this situation. Imagine this place and what you were doing back then as vividly as possible. This is how you get a short vacation.

Make a priority list.
Sort all of your tasks that you think you need to do into a list that you organize in order of urgency. The most important thing comes first. Start with the first and most important task and work through the tasks one after the other. This way you can be sure that you have always done the most important things.

Make a note of the length of time
Next to the individual duties on the priority list, write down how much time you need to complete them. You will probably be able to do some things in a short time. When you become aware of this, the pressure decreases.

Take a little time travel
Imagine being a year older already. What tasks are still important that you cannot do today?

Check to see if your life or anyone else is in danger
Only when you or others are actually threatened do you have an obligation, even if only a moral one, to do a certain task. Otherwise, you have the right to postpone or decline it.