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Queen-Double Mary Reynolds - probably the most famous doppelganger

The reaction has long been a classic: the elderly lady on the armchair and with a teacup in her hand in the entrance hall of the Hamburg hotel "Vier Jahreszeiten" - isn't that? With the pink wool suit, pearl jewelry, oval glasses and a large matching pink hat on the gray curls, that's the Queen! Well, not really of course. It is Mary Reynolds of Harrow, Middlesex, England who has doubled Queen Elizabeth II for several decades.

She came at the invitation of ICON, as she was one of the actors in a major fashion shoot in London for the England edition of the magazine. At the beginning of April, the cheerful pictures by the Hamburg photographer Esther Haase, who sometimes lives in London herself, were presented in large format at a high tea in the "Vier Jahreszeiten".

It was not the first visit of the old lady, who is seven years younger than her role model. She was in town as early as the 1990s to film a show with singer Tony Marshall. In 1981 she waved for the first time, back then as a dark-haired double, from the back of a car. Her resemblance to the British monarch led her around the world, she smiled next to Elton John in Las Vegas, appeared with 007 Roger Moore and Sir Michael Caine in the crime comedy "Bullsey" or in an advertising sport for Opel. Sometimes things are more banal, such as in the early 1990s as a star guest at the inauguration of the Rathauspassagen in the Brandenburg town of Eberswalde.

Could she also be in the legendary film sequence as a parachuting Bond girl with 007 actor Daniel Craig at the Olympic Games in London? Mrs. Reynolds smiles her mild Queen smile and says nasally: “No, that was really Her.” This little “Her” resonates with all the admiration that she, her whole family and her friends have always had for the monarch . She would probably agree immediately if the Brexit chaos