How is hardened coconut oil made

Manufacture of coconut oil

Different methods for extracting coconut oil

How is coconut oil made?

The white pulp of the coconut serves as the basis for the extraction of coconut oil. When it comes to extraction, a distinction must be made between industrial and virgin coconut oil. The industrial process is more common, but the biological and gentler process is becoming more and more popular because it has some advantages in terms of the quality of the finished coconut oil.

In industrial pressing, the coconut is dried after harvest and stored for a long time, often months pass before the fruit is processed further. The pulp is chopped up and grated. For the pressing, the pulp is heated strongly beforehand and then mechanically pressed. A cold press like the one described by Dr. Goerg knows, is not common in the industrial production method of coconut oil. Most often, chemical agents are added to completely remove the shell of the coconut or to affect the consistency, color, taste and smell of the oil. The oil is refined (usually also bleached and deodorized) and bottled or pressed into plates to be used as low-quality coconut fat.

The biological production process of cold pressing is becoming increasingly popular because the oil obtained in this way is produced more gently, has a better taste and is of higher quality. Usually fruits from controlled organic cultivation are used. Rapid processing of the fresh, sun-ripened coconuts is particularly important so that contamination and negative enzymatic changes in the pulp due to storage for too long can be excluded. When it comes to coconut oil production, we adhere to Dr. Goerg's worldwide unique harvest freshness guarantee: No coconuts wait longer than 72 hours after harvest to be used. The coconut is processed fresh from the harvest. The fruit is opened, peeled by hand, chopped up and immediately pressed. The quick processing after opening is particularly important so that the valuable pulp does not spoil or dirty. At Dr. Goerg rarely goes an hour until the next manufacturing step. In contrast to industrial coconut oil production, cold pressing is given priority in coconut oil, as this is a gentler and more nutritious method. Organic coconut oil production does not involve refining, bleaching or deodorising, but only filtering in order to free the oil from pulp residues and moisture. Chemical additives are consistently avoided, so that the natural properties of coconut oil are retained. After cold pressing and on-site filtration, the coconut oil is freshly filled into hygienic glass containers.

The storage of Dr. Goerg

The premium organic coconut oil and the other premium organic coconut products from Dr. Goerg are stored in halls that are among the most modern of their kind in Europe. In these temperature-protected, excellently insulated warehouses, temperatures prevail which positively influence and ensure the shelf life and quality of the premium organic coconut products. In order to keep the standards of storage high and to make them transparent for our customers, our production is certified according to the IFS, the International Food Standard. This is the highest hygiene standard in the food industry. External inspectors regularly monitor and comply with these standards - also in the storage facilities.

The transport to Germany

The coconut oil is transported over the water, so container ships are used for the route to Germany. The coconut products are only loaded at the place of manufacture at night so that the sensitive products are not exposed to intense light or high temperatures. The containers in which the products are loaded are exclusively transport boxes specially made for food, so-called food grade containers.
The products are loaded at regular intervals and brought to Germany. Although the transport with these specific containers and the ship is very expensive, Dr. Goerg decided to take this route. The reason is, on the one hand, the economic advantage of ship loading, and on the other hand, this transport route is the gentlest for our premium organic coconut products.
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