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Steel Ingot (Skyrim)

Steel bars


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The Steel bars is a material in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Forging Edit source]

They are used to make steel armor and weapons. Thus, they are required for the manufacture and improvement of armor and weapons from the forge categories steel, imperial and dwarfish (with the exception of the dwarf bow), as well as for the special armor and weapons of the companions (weapons of the sky forge, wolf armor, northern hero weapons, etc.).

In addition, he is in the DLC Dawnguard Required for the armor and weapons of Dawn's Watch, the steel arrows, the steel bolts and the normal crossbow.

You also need steel bars for the Engraved North ArmorDR and the north weapons or arrows, as well as for the light steel trim armor and the steel trim shield from the DLC Dragonborn.

In order to forge with steel bars, the blacksmithing perk steel forging is required, which can be activated from level 20 in blacksmithing.

Manufacture [edit | Edit source]

Steel bars are made from an iron ore and a corundum ore. Every blacksmith always has a few steel bars in stock, and they're usually lying around at every blacksmith's shop.