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Collection of Shalamar

Shalamar was the creation of Dick Griffey, the booking agent for the television R&B program Soul Train, and British R&B producer Simon Soussan. The group's first single, the 1977 Motown medley "Uptown Festival," featured a bevy of faceless studio musicians; Once it became a hit, Griffey decided to form a performing group under the name Shalamar. Through Soul Train, Griffey found Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniels, and Gerald Brown, the three vocalists that became Shalamar; Brown was quickly replaced by Howard Hewitt in 1978.

Shalamar's string of poppy dance-soul hits began in 1979 with "Take That to the Bank"; later that year, "The Second Time Around" hit the top ten. Throughout the early '80s the group were favorites on the U.S. R&B scene, as well as scoring a number of British hit singles. Watley and Daniels left the group in 1982 and were replaced by Delisa Davis and Micki Free in 1984; Watley went on to stardom as a solo act. The following year Shalamar won a Grammy award for "Don't Get Stopped in Beverly Hills," which was featured in Beverly Hills Cop. Hewitt left for a solo career in 1986, signaling the end of the band's career as hit-makers. Sidney Justin replaced Hewitt and the group recorded 1987's Circumstantial Evidence, which was a commercial disappointment. The group faded away soon after the release of 1990's Wake Up. Allmusic by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Album: Uptown Festival (1977)

01. Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo
02. Beautiful Night
03. Uptown Festival
04. High On Life
05. Ooh baby, baby
06. You know
07. Forever Came Today

Album: Disco Gardens (1978)

01. tossing turning and swinging
02. Shalamar Disco Gardens
03. Take That to the Bank
04. Stay Close to Love
05. Leave it all up to love
06. Lovely Lady
07. Cindy, Cindy

Album: Big Fun (1979)

01. The Right Time For Us
02. Take Me To The River
03. Right In The Socket
04. The Second Time Around
05. I Owe You One
06. Let's find the time for love
07. Girl

Album: Three For Love (1980)

01. full of fire
02. Attention To My Baby
03.Somewhere There's A Love
04.Somethings Never Change
05. Make That Move
06. This Is For The Lover In You
07. Work It Out
08. Pop Along Kid

Album: Go For It (1981)

01. Go for It
02. Appeal
03. Final Analysis
04. You've got me running
05.Sweeter as the Days Go By
06. Talk to Me
07. Good Feelings
08. rocker

Album: Friends (1982)

01. A Night To Remember
02.Don't try to change me
03. Help Me
04. On Top Of The World
05. I don't wanna be the last to know
06. Friends
07. Playing To Win
08. I Just Stopped By Because I Had To
09. There It Is
10. I Can Make You Feel Good

Album: The Look (1983)

01. Closer
02. Dead giveaway
03. You Can Count on Me
04. Right Here
05. No Limits (The Now Club)
06. Disappearing Act
07. Over and over
08. You're the One for Me
09. You Won't Miss Love (Until It's Gone)
10. Look

Album: Heartbreak (1984)

01. Amnesia
02.Dancin 'In The Sheets
03. Whenever You Need Me
04. Heart Break
05. Don't Get Stopped In Beverly Hills
06. My Girl Loves Me
07. Melody (An Erotic Affair)

Album: Circumstantial Evidence (1987)

01 bridges
02. Soft Rain
03. Hard When You're So Far Away
04. If It Feels Good (Do It)
05. Mammy Blue
06. Stories Untold
07. I can't understand it
08. Earthbound / Freefall
09. Traveling Underground

Album: Wake Up (1990)

01. Caution: This Love Is Hot
02. Wake up
03. Why Lead Me On
04. Groove Talk
05. All I want to do
06. Come together
07. For Sure
08. I'll give U Love
09. I want you
10. Pink Box

Album: The Very Best Of Shalamar (1991)

01. The Second Time Around
02. A Night To Remember
03. I can make you feel good
04. Take That To The Bank
05. Make That Move
06. Full Of Fire
07. There It Is
08. Over and over
09. Help Me
10. Love's Grown Deep
11th Uptown Festival (Part 1)
12. My Girl Loves Me
13. The Second Time Around (Remix)
14. A Night To Remember (Remix)

Album: The 12 '' Collection (1994)

01. Uptown Festival
02. Take That to the Bank
03. Second time around
04. Right in the socket
05. Full of Fire
06. Make That Move
07. Night to Remember
08. I can make you feel good
09. Dead giveaway
10. Over and over
11. Dancing in the sheets
12. Circumstantial Evidence
13. This is for the lover in you

Album: The Best Of Shalamar (2002)

01. Second Time Around
02. A Night To Remember
03. My Girl Loves Me
04. Games
05. Right In The Socket
06. Make That Move
07. Take That To The Bank
08. Dead giveaway
09. Over and over
10. Sweeter As The Days Go By

Album: Ultimate Collection (2006)

01. Dead giveaway
02. The Second Time Around
03. Dancing In The Sheets
04. Uptown Festival (Part 1)
05. Games
06. Take That To The Bank
07. A Night To Remember
08. Over and over
09. Full Of Fire
10. Sweeter As The Days Go By
11. Circumstantial Evidence
12. Make that move
13. I Can Make You Feel Good
14. My Girl Loves Me
15. Right In The Socket
16. Amnesia
17. This Is For The Lover In You

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