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News in brief Libya - 02/26/2021

Abdel-Hamid Dabaiba and the designated 'interim government' (which is now Government of National Unity / NUG is called)

+ 25.02.: Badaida / Cabinet / Parliament. There was great disappointment after the presentation of his new cabinet, which the Prime Minister-designate Dabaiba had so well announced, failed and he instead proclaimed a "vision" that was exhausted in the unwinding of phrases and commonplace phrases. Dabaiba said neither the names of the ministers to be appointed by him, nor how many ministers there would be at all. Only after a parliamentary meeting was he ready to present the names. Parliament needs three to four days for this deliberation. Parliament has confirmed receipt of a list of names. Dabaiba said he had received over 3,000 proposals to fill government posts, 2,300 of which were sighted.
On the Libyan Political Discussion Forum (LPDF) it was decided that the cabinet list by 02/26. must be presented to Parliament. There was no question of presenting a “vision”.
As the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt said: "If you have visions, you should go to the doctor".
This allows a conclusion to be drawn about how reliable the promises of an election on December 24th, 2021 are.

+ 25.02.: Dabaiba / Turkey / Jamahiriya. Libyan Prime Minister-designate Abdel-Hamid Dabaiba said that the agreement on the law of the sea with Turkey will continue to exist and that the relationship with Turkey will be characterized by intensive cooperation.
He also stated that the former 'regime' cannot be excluded from participating in the NU government.

+ 25.02.: Dabaiba / interim government. According to Dabaiba, the new transitional government will become a technocratic government that represents the entire Libyan spectrum. A fair distribution of the posts across the various regions should be sought.
As we know from Italy, very special political and economic liberal interests are represented under the cover of a 'technocratic government'.

+ 26.02.: Government logo / embarrassment. The new logo of the 'Interim Government', which is now officially Government of National Unity / NUG [why is this not abbreviated to GNU], was bought online for about $ 250 on a Russian website and was not created by a Libyan as part of a competition. Two pigeon wings are shown touching each other like a handshake.
The logo is also used by an organization of Shiite clergy in Iran.
The renaming from 'interim government' to 'unitary government' gives rise to fears of the worst in terms of its duration.

+ 26.02.: Interim government / elections. Otman Gajiji on Twitter:There are still 300 days until the parliamentary elections. Today there is still no electoral law, no electoral system, no constituency boundaries and the role of political parties is unclear. I will update this thread every ten days to follow the preparations so that the elections take place on time. "

+ 24.02.: LPDF / Kyrenaica. The members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) from Cyrenaica called on the UN Security Council to accept the results of the LPDF meetings in Tunis and Geneva. All attempts must be stopped to obstruct the path to elections on December 24, 2021.
The struggles of the coming months will be exhausted in trying on the one hand to push through elections on December 24th, 2021 and on the other hand everything will be done to prevent these elections.

+ 24.02.: Sirte / demands. The National Committee for Youth Empowerment in Sirte has named the most important issues for her on the agenda of a new transitional government. It is important that the presidential and parliamentary elections are actually held on the scheduled date on December 24th, 2021, as promised by the new executive authorities appointed by the LPDF. The situation of the residents of Sirte must be given special attention, as they have been neglected by the government since 2013 in terms of jobs, compensation and urban development.
It also calls for the release of the city dwellers who are still in custody, the application of the general amnesty law, the disclosure of the fate of the missing and the surrender of corpses for burial.

+ 24.02.: Dabaiba / Chechnya / Terrorism. Libyan Prime Minister-designate Dabaiba discussed possibilities for cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism with the Chechen President, Ramzan Kadyrov. Libyan special forces could be trained at the Special Forces University in Chechnya. Dabaiba expressed interest in strengthening general cooperation with Russia.

+ 24.02.: Dabaiba / EU. Dabaiba announced its intention to continue constructive and concerted action with the European Union. He added that he would also advocate the implementation of all agreements already signed with the EU.
Dabaiba can do it with everyone: from Turkey to the EU and Russia, to the USA and Jamahiriya.


+ 25.02.: Explosion / Tripoli. A large explosion is said to have taken place in the al-Akrami military camp in the area of ​​al-Hira near Tripoli. This would be the third explosion in a military camp in the Tripoli region after the massive explosion at the Janzour Naval Academy on January 20, 2021.

+ 26.02.: State budget. Contrary to what had been promised, the head of the Libyan Central Bank, Siddiq al-Kebir, has not yet presented the budget for January / February 2021, so that it could not be approved by the Libyan parliament.
Another empty promise.

+ 25.02.: Tracking system imports. The "unity government" finance minister, Faraj Boumatri, claimed that MP Mohamed ar-Raid wanted to sabotage the tracking system for goods imports, even though it could expose violations such as the importation of illegal drugs and alcohol.
A Turkish company is responsible for monitoring the tracking system. Egypt has accused Turkey of using this system to gain a monopoly on imports of goods into Libya.

+ 26.02.: Telecommunications / USA. The Libyan Post Telecommunications and Information Technology Company emphasizes the special importance of cooperation with US technology companies in development and investment.
Then it is already clear where all Libyan data will end up in the future. Greetings from the NSA!

+ 26.02.: Al Watija Air Force Base / Google Earth. It is noted on Twitter that the recordings of all Libyan air force bases are regularly updated and posted online with the exception of the al-Watija base occupied by Turkey.
The NATO specialists hold together. Libya itself has lost all control over which aircraft, with which cargo, land on its territory and what is going on at its air bases, especially those occupied by Turkey.

+ 25.02.: migration. According to the UNHCR, at least 41 migrants drowned in a shipwreck off the Libyan coast. The accident, in which 77 people could be saved, already occurred on February 18th.
It was pointed out once again that tens of thousands of migrants who are on their way through Libya are victims of the worst brutality by smugglers and militias: “Migrants who have been rescued and returned to Libya are detained and are at risk of violence and serious human rights violations to be exposed. "
However, quite a few migrants from sub-Saharan Africa want to stay in Libya and hope for job opportunities there.

+ 23.02.: crime. Armed men open fire on humanitarian team in the Libyan city of al-Ajaylat (west of Tripoli).

+ 22.02.: Video: The film shows how gunmen hijack an expensive car in Tripoli.

+ 25.02.: Inheritance dispute / Mutassim Gaddafi. The son of Muammar al-Gaddafi, Mutassim Gaddafi, who was murdered together with his father near Sirte in 2011, has a son with the Dutch woman Lisa van Goinga, with whom he was also married, as the papers issued by a Dutch court show. The boy was born in February 2012, a few months after his father's death. The boy's family is now demanding the release of his € 90 million inheritance, which was frozen by a Maltese bank on suspicion that it was Libyan state funds. The mother of Mutassim and wife of Muammar al-Gaddafi, Safia Farkash, has waived her inheritance claim in favor of her grandson.

+ 24.02.: Prince / LNA. After a secret report by UN investigators said that Blackwater-Founder Eric Prince sent mercenaries to support the LNA in the capture of Tripoli, Prince, who is close to Donald Trump, denied having played a role in sending mercenaries to Libya. He only met Trump once and never spoke to him or his son-in-law Jared Kushner or Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo about the situation in Libya.

25.02.: Tunisia / Libya / Muslim Brothers. "The head of the Tunisian Ennahda movement, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and current parliamentary president, Rachid Ghannouchi, said:" I estimate that 50 percent of Tunisia's problems could be solved in Libya. It is enough for half a million Tunisians to work in Libya to end the unemployment problem and to open the markets for our agricultural and industrial goods. "
He also declared: "The Algerian leadership must rely on open borders and a common currency between the three-country triangle Tunisia, Libya and Algeria".
Without the help of the Tunisian Ennahda movement, it would not have been possible in 2011 to bomb Libya into its current failed state. Only then did it make it possible to transport military goods and special commandos via Tunisia to Libya. Ghannouchi is partly responsible for today's problems and is now demanding that Libya solve the problems of Tunisia. Best of all with a government made up of Muslim brothers.

+ 25.02.: Germany / Libya. The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas considers the dialogue with Russia on Libya to be necessary. Moscow is an "important part" of the solution.
Is that why the EU is constantly imposing new sanctions on Moscow in order to put pressure on Russia?

+ 24.02.: Video. In Benghazi, the second largest city in Libya, a lion is filmed while walking.
Hopefully he will survive his adventure without being harmed.