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Hood: Outlaws and Legends - How to Get New Weapons and Armor

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is finally here for those who digitally pre-ordered and purchased the game and like every other action game out there, finding new ones Weapons and armor will be one of your most important thoughts once you start finishing some heists. After a successful heist, if the opposing team allows it, you come back with a good amount of gold, and you wonder where and how you can use that money to upgrade your equipment. If all of this seems like something you actually have in mind, take a look below for ways to get hold of new weapons and armor / clothing.

How to get new weapons and armor in Hood: Outlaws and Legends

After you have completed an in-game heist, you will receive the gold that you won for the opposing team and receive points for your player account or the character used. In terms of character, the more you build him or her, the more options you unlock in terms of equipment and perks. New weapons and armor do not drop from enemies or successful missions, but are unlocked the further you advance in a certain class.

For example, if you level Robin up to level 6, certain pieces of equipment will be unlocked that you can grab for that character. Back to your hiding place: if you go to the kiosk on the other end and interact accordingly, you can see every weapon a character can unlock. If you look on the left side of the screen as you scroll through the weapons list, you can check the requirements for each weapon. As you get the character to a certain point or meet some very specific requirements, more and more weapons will be unlocked. That said, each weapon is essentially the same in terms of stats, but the appearance changes as the difficulty in getting guns on the fancier side.

Armor and clothing are unlocked as well as weapons. Level up the specific character or do some special request tasks and you can change the look of your character with new fashions. Unfortunately, this may seem a little overwhelming for someone who would prefer to loot the gear or tie it to statistical changes, but in order to keep it as balanced as possible the team decided not to go that route.

After unlocking any type of equipment, you will need gold that you earn through raids in order to actually get it. Simply put, collect gold from treasure chests that you can extract, unlock the equipment you want for whatever requirements you need, and use that money to finally get it for your character. You will be repeating raids a lot in Hood: Outlaws and Legends as that is the nature of the game. So rest assured that you will be collecting more than enough gold than you actually need to get everything you want.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more information on the game, see the rest of the guides here.

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