Nutri Slim how to use it

Slim shape

Slim Shape product overview. What's this?

Slim shape is a thermoregulatory underwear for body shaping. Obesity is not easy to combat. If women leave everything to chance, they will only deteriorate their health and aesthetic beauty. Not everyone can lose weight without special medication, massage, or exercise. Slim shape pants are designed to reduce weight without too much stress. Dense elastic fabric can not only visually reduce the figure, but also significantly reduce weight as quickly as possible. The regulating pants can be used without age restriction. They are completely safe, do not pull on the skin and are practically not noticeable when worn.

How to use

The pants are worn for about 8 hours a day during the day or at night. To lose weight, just put on your pants and go about your business. The maximum wearing time is no more than 3 months. If necessary, the process can be repeated, but no longer than after 1-2 months.

How does it work?

If you wear it regularly, the effect will be noticeable after two weeks. In three months, the girl will be able to bring her entire wardrobe up to date and will no longer have to prepare for summer. Additional loads (running, brisk walking, jumping rope) help strengthen the process.
Slim Shape can be worn during sleep or during the day. Regular wear improves performance. After wearing slim-shape trousers, the girl feels lightness and noticeable weight loss in problem areas (sides, ears, inner thighs). Pants not only visually reduce the figure, but also fight cellulite.
Increased sweating stimulates blood circulation. As a result, the skin cells are renewed faster and give the skin a smooth elasticity. With physical exertion, you can achieve an ideal figure due to the elastic fabric that forms curvy shapes.

The composition of the drug

The pants trap heat from the inside and encourage profuse sweating. The upper material absorbs any sweat without leaving any residue. The material contains encapsulated substances that improve the work of the sebum glands and significantly improve the condition of the skin. They are harmless and beneficial for the skin as they moisturize and tighten the skin.

Where to buy - In a pharmacy or a store?