What elements must an apprenticeship contract contain?

Apprenticeship contract


As an apprentice, you enter into a so-called "apprenticeship relationship" with your training company, which is limited to a certain period (apprenticeship period). Your teaching must be in the List of apprenticeships appear. Areas of activity, employment prospects and training and further education opportunities for each occupation are listed individually. Your apprenticeship is considered an employment relationship and is regulated by the general provisions of labor law. That means you have as an apprentice Rights, but also obligations.

Your apprenticeship period can be shortened or lengthened through previous training (integrative training). Information on possible shortening your apprenticeship period can also be found in the List of apprenticeships.

After completing your apprenticeship, the training company is obliged to keep you busy for at least another 3 months. However, if you have only worked for half of the apprenticeship period in this company, the so-called time will be shortened Re-use time to 1.5 months.


Apprenticeship contract

Once you have been accepted for an apprenticeship, your training company will write an apprenticeship contract in 4 copies. This apprenticeship contract contains all the important points about the apprenticeship relationship, your remuneration, your rights and obligations.

Read the apprenticeship contract carefully and ask if you don't understand something!

All four copies of the apprenticeship contract are signed by you and your authorized instructor. However, if you are under 18, sign yours legal guardian (mostly your parents) for you. A copy of the apprenticeship contract is yours. Keep the contract carefully!

The training company will then contact you Apprenticeship position of the Chamber of Commerce, in the professional school and at the social insurance (Ask for confirmation of registration)! The apprenticeship contract is checked and confirmed by the apprenticeship office. You must have your apprenticeship contract and registration with the apprenticeship office in your hands within 3 weeks of the start of your apprenticeship.

Before concluding your apprenticeship contract, the training company can request the following documents:

The apprenticeship contract is a employment contract and is through the Vocational Training Act regulated. For you as an apprentice, there are no costs for the conclusion of your apprenticeship contract.


The apprenticeship contract must contain the following points:

  • Your data
  • Description of your apprenticeship (your apprenticeship must be in the apprenticeship list.)
  • Duration of your apprenticeship
  • Beginning and end of your apprenticeship training
  • Data of the authorized instructor and the teaching company
  • Reference to your vocational school duties
  • Proof of your already existing training periods
  • Reference to possible training in a training association
  • Amount of your apprenticeship remuneration per apprenticeship year
  • Date of the conclusion of the contract

The Video of the Chamber of Labor provides you with information on this.