Netapp nfs chown operation not allowed

Arch Linux

So, I did a fast trace on the network traffic and found kind of weird behavior:

Its true, this is an LDAP-enabled login. However, current user is a local one and NFSv3 shouldn't use LDAP (or anything for auth), right?
Well, might be not directly related to NFS (but to checking the mountpoint, wse?).

Secondly, I understand from [] that the Null call "is made available to allow server response testing and timing."
And then, this is how it ends. Really weird, to me ...
Additionally, LDAP gets a reset (which it doesn't for usual LDAP lookups ...)

Erm, I would not like to publish the full pcap here, however, if anybody would be willing to help, I'll share in any private way.

Another thing: I just tried to check / etc / services (remember the changes with iana-etc, right?).
It actually differed for NFS and read:

I tried ommitting the weird entries - no change.

Finally, I just want to mention that yes the NFS server is in my / etc / hosts and I would greatly appreciate any help ;-)