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Little sisters love to chomp on chillies

Wednesday September 24, 2008 3:46 PM IS

MOON ARMONI (West Bengal): They are just five and seven years old, but it's not chocolates and chips that Joshna and Shanti are after. Both the sisters in this seaside village love to eat three kilos of green chillies each every day!

Shanti and Joshna, the daughters of fisherman Jatin Sadhu, are considered "miracle children" in their village, about 200 km from Kolkata.

"Shanti started having chillies when she was two years old and Joshna had her first chilli at the age of four. They never complain that the chillies are hot, nor do they ever develop a sore mouth. Every day they need 2-3 kg of chillies each, "Jatin said.

"They chew on chillies as if they are having toffees and juicy fruits."

There's never a dearth of chillies, as Jatin's brother-in-law Arun Mondal is a chilli farmer.

"Often Arun takes my daughters to his chilli farm. One day he saw Shanti plucking chillies one after another and eating them. He thought the child would soon scream but no such thing happened. After that Shanti got addicted to chillies. Joshna too joined her sister soon, "Jatin said.

Neighbors say the sisters are "blessed" and that is why they do not find the chillies hot.

"The Sadhu sisters are blessed. Else how can they do such a miracle every day!" wondered neighbor Laxmi Sadhukhan.

Jatin took the girls to a local doctor for a thorough checkup.

"But the doctor, Swapan Samadder, found them fit," Jatin said.

Samadder said the taste buds of the girls were apparently unable to distinguish anything hot.

"Their taste buds seem not to detect the taste of anything hot. But it's surprising that even their livers and other internal organs are not affected after eating so many chillies every day. It's a very rare case in medical science.

"Nevertheless, I have requested the father to keep his daughters away from chillies because I am sure in the long run it will affect their health," Samadder said.

Jatin said he did try to keep his daughters away from chillies.

"As a result my daughters stopped eating and started vomiting. Only after I gave them chillies did they become normal!"

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