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Ageplay - how it all began

On every page that has to do with Ageplay there is a hint that Ageplay has nothing to do with
Has to do with pedophilia. Unfortunately, this notice is actually still necessary. For example, when I write about my inclinations in the Med1Forum, I am repeatedly confronted with this accusation.
So I want to write something about what excites me about ageplay.

Here is a story that fascinates me:
Since I am a man, the games of upbringing, humiliation, chastisements and other punishments, both as a dom and as a sub, make me tingle. To do this, however, I would have to fantasize younger if I go into submission.

By sinking into the ageplay role, something other than sexual pleasure is triggered in me.
I identify with the role so much that it's like flicking a switch in my head and my brain is in a different mode. In this mode, my adult self with its worries and fears, everyday problems and acquired behavioral patterns is very much pushed into the background.

I then feel reborn, my body relaxes and I see the world with childlike curiosity. Many adults wish for this state of affairs without having anything to do with Ageplay. But with Ageplay I found a way to get into this state.
If you are not familiar with the term, I would like to start by giving you a brief definition of the term.

Age, the age and play, the game are so put together
that it comes to certain role-playing games.
One or both participants (there can be more) have a different age than they actually are. You make yourself younger or older depending on how the roles fit. The participant adapts behaviorally to the set age, while the other maintains his or her part. You identify with the role and run in a different mode. In many, it triggers erotic and sexual feelings.

With similar types of play, they become toddlers again. They enjoy parental protection, cuddling or slapping on the bottom. For some age players, diaper games are a return to a sheltered time.
I make it very clear that it is not a game with minors. It is not a pedophile thing to harm children and adolescents!
It's an adult amicable pastime.

My preference is either girl daddy or mummysboy games. I can portray both roles as a strict father and as an adolescent boy very convincingly. For me it always has something to do with upbringing. I don't deal with the slave issue. For me it is about a primarily erotic encounter in role play. But many have asked me to help them ripen in certain areas.

You cannot change your behavior on your own
Something was missing in their own upbringing that they now want to learn from me as a father / teacher. Topics like recognizing authority, respect, diligence, order, hygiene, humility and discipline are the main themes. In addition, personal concerns often come up.

I raise them with strict discipline, consistent cane training, but also loving cuddling and a feeling that I always stand behind the pupil. Both men and women come to me. The age is mostly in the early twenties to around mid / late forties.
If I go into a boyroll then I'll be educated. I have one right now
busty woman with a wicked appearance. She is in her late forties and has her own second apartment in a two-family house. Since it is an old building, the noises do not penetrate outside.

Since the other residents travel a lot, nobody notices when we play our games. There is also a cellar that is built into the roll. Education games, humiliation, chastisements and other punishments trigger a tingling sensation in me.
A few years ago I was lucky enough to be able to play with a married couple. It was Papa and Mama for me who gave me a very strict upbringing. It was a lot of fun. The sexual aspects in particular were extremely satisfying.
Since I've been doing ageplay for thirty years, there is a maturity and on both play grounds
Experience emerged that allowed me to respond precisely to the needs. I know both what my girls and boys need and what I owe my mother or parents. And the nice thing is that you don't need any prior knowledge. You don't need acting talent because if you can identify with the role, you immediately fall into it. Only after the end of the game do you return to yourself and arrive at reality.

Of course, preliminary talks are always held about what is go or not go. There has to be mutual trust in order to really let go. Passwords for a short break or an immediate end are also always agreed. If you don't stick to it, it can quickly become painful and your trust suffers.
How did I come to such an extraordinary variety of eroticism?

It all started for me before puberty. I can remember one scene.
I must have been ten or more eleven years old then. I was alone in the apartment. Suddenly thoughts came up in me what it would be like if I got a few on the buttocks. There was nobody in the house except me. The wooden spoon was fetched from the kitchen. When I pulled my pants down I felt a strange feeling inside me. At home, I was rarely beaten by my parents. Every now and then a slap in the face or a pat on the bottom.
At most, rant, that's it. And now the feeling that was new and overwhelmed me.

First I hit it once. That could be clearly felt. The process was repeated several times and there was a slight burning.
As suddenly as the desire for pain had come, it vanished again.
I repeated that several times. I had my first ejaculation when I was almost twelve years old. Then the mail went off with me. One event was formative for me and extremely embarrassing. When it occurred to me again that I wanted to punish myself, I took the large back brush from the bathroom instead of a simple wooden spoon. I wanted to let the pain spread.

After pulling my pants down, I imagined my father (not my real one, but a big, strong nasty father) laying me over the kitchen table and beating me up. It hurt but my imagination turned into erotic circles. I just had to hold out until he finished. Afterwards I got dressed and was good. Now I spoiled myself a little and got one down. At home we all walked around with clothes on, so it wouldn't be noticed there if I had bruises.

However, two days later we had exercise. The punishment was long forgotten. At least that's what I thought. After exercising, two boys were supposed to bring the mats back to one of the sports hall garages. It was quiet in the locker room because everyone was gone and the break had already started. So we hurried. I hastily pulled down my sports pants. My underpants slipped down to the base of the leg on the left side.

Behind me I suddenly heard my classmates say: "Ouch, who beat you up like that?" Now it occurred to me, boiling hot, that I had spoiled myself and that the bruises weren't gone as quickly as with one small wooden spoon. Since I was always very fixated at making up excuses, I immediately thought of something.
"Oh, uh, actually. I got it from my father the day before yesterday. Because I was naughty and came home late. That was enough for him and he really beat me up. "

"Man, that looks bad. Does that hurt a lot? "
"Yes. He hit me with the big bath brush. I had to pull my pants down. Then I should lay over the kitchen table. You can imagine the rest. "
"Does he hit too often?"
"Yes, of course, until I just cried. But please don't tell anyone, Sven. I'm so embarrassed. I'm probably the only one who is still being beaten up. "

“No, I know of a few more who are also beaten. But don't worry, I'll hold you tight. "
He has that too. At least he didn't say anything until he left school. I never saw him again, but I became particularly aware of my rhetorical skills that day.

Later I was more careful. Another experience also showed me my other side. My clique had met a couple of siblings at a party. The big one had just turned sixteen, the sister fourteen. My focus was on the younger girl. But she stubbornly blocked any advances. Her sister overheard this a couple of times and told me in an authoritarian tone that I should put her over my knee so that she obeyed. Because she would like me. However, she stood in the way of her own stubbornness. When I was with them in the house, the elder grinned at me and whispered to me that we were alone.

So I went to the first floor. The children's rooms were there. The door to her room was open. She was lying on the bed in tight jeans, reading. I looked at her and I said in a normal tone that I would know she likes me. And I want her as a friend. Of course it was difficult for me, but what could I lose?
She looked at me briefly and just said "phew". One word too many I thought. I sat down on the bed and grabbed her right arm to pull her close to me. The pants were pulled tight and I began to spank both buttocks alternately with my hand.

My thought was that she would immediately kick and scream but nothing happened. She lay irregularly and moaned softly. After the work was done, I pulled her close and hugged her. She seemed to enjoy it because her parents were soft so the girls didn't have to be afraid of being hit.
Her mouth found mine after a short time and we kissed deeply.
The relationship lasted almost a year. She never tried to rebel against me again.

Then we lost sight of each other. Now I had the experience that I was not only able to maso, but was also suitable as a sado.
In the next few years my talent disappeared behind school, professional training and a series of "normal relationships."


How it went on
But fate wanted me to meet a woman who was eleven years older than me.
Her sons were already out and rarely came to visit. We got quick
familiar with each other. It just had to be behind the back of my partner at the time
happen. But I didn't have any problems with that. She was often on business for a few days
away from home, so that we had large windows in time.
For me she had a maternal-authoritarian charisma and embodied exactly the type
Woman / mother where I could fall into the role of the "Mummysboy". The games
took place in her apartment. I had my own room there. The neighbor was
an elderly gentleman who was hard of hearing. And the lower rental units were from working people
Inhabited people who came in the late afternoon. Only in the evening and on the
We weren't allowed to make too loud a noise on weekends. Because we didn't want to
getting caught.
To prevent someone from getting there, I was only in the living room, mine
Educated space and the kitchen.
We also developed rules for punishment. Many rules of the game came to mind. She ran
compliant with this, especially since she was far too gentle and lax with her own boys. I should
now pay off.
Three rules in number said it all.
During a punishment, I was not allowed to do the following:
I wasn't allowed to scream.
I wasn't allowed to speak.
I wasn't allowed to move.
And that for the entire punishment. This also included standing in the corner, in the backside
To be locked up or even if we were going somewhere I was not allowed to say a sound. The
was tough. I had to give a show of hands so she would know I was saying something
wanted. If she denied the request, I had to remain silent. If I said it anyway, I sat
a couple of hard slaps in the face.
After we had discussed all the points, she ordered me to come to her at 3 p.m.
Apartment one. When I come, I should be in the mood for my role. So drove
I get there in time to let my imagination run wild in the car. It succeeded and I succeed
to slip into another person quickly even today. An inner tension took hold
me, because I knew Barbara, that was the lady's name, had a second page and her new one
Raising her son like she hadn't with her own children.
I rang the doorbell. She opened and I stepped in full of expectations but also fears
the second floor. Would I recognize her again or was she a complete stranger
was my mother in front of me? My future teacher was about six feet tall,
normally built and had feminine curves. She had a rather staid hairstyle and was
blond. Her voice was normal, but she could use a different emphasis.
In addition, she had found out how to deal with naughty boys.


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