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Racing rarities: no white vest in a single-seater

Every week we present a small piece of motorsport history from the archive of our partners at the British photo agency LAT. The process is very easy - tell us who can be recognized, where and when the picture was taken (example: Jo Siffert, Monza, 1970) and with a little luck you could win a small prize. Please do not forget your name, address, year of birth and telephone number. Send your solution to: [email protected] The closing date for entries is midnight on the Sunday of the current week.

To resolve the previous week: You can see Brian McGuire at the racing weekend of the International Trophy in Silverstone in April 1976. The Australian did not cross the finish line because of an oil leak on his Williams FW05.

The racing driver from East Melbourne, like so many of his compatriots, moved hopefully to England, along with another aspiring Australian, a certain Alan Jones. While Jones was to become Formula 1 world champion with Williams in 1980, McGuire's career stalled.

McGuire traveled to England in 1966. He bought cars for years in order to sell them for a profit, so he financed his racing activities from 1969 onwards. He bought a Formula Ford of the Merlyn type and competed in Lydden Hill. In 1971 he moved up to Formula 3, but while Alan Jones was already driving in the Hesketh Formula 1 in 1975, McGuire had fallen a year and a half behind - a break for the caravan business he had built up in the meantime.

McGuire returned to racing as part of the British Formula 5000 Championship, and in the mid-1970s he developed into a serious rival.

For the 1976 season, McGuire bought an FW04 chassis from Frank Williams, and in September he drove the competition to the ground in Thruxton. Few people still know today that it was a Williams racer's first win!

McGuire then rebuilt the car so that he used it as McGuire BM1, but in Silverstone 1977 he was still unable to pre-qualify for the Formula 1 World Championship. On August 29, 1977 he was killed in training for the shell sport race at Brands Hatch - allegedly because of a loose mounting bolt in the pedals. Tragically, his car also killed a fireman and two other marshals were seriously injured. McGuire left behind his wife Anne-Siri and a four-year-old son who were vacationing in Norway at the same time.

This time the task is not easier: This driver did not always have a white vest - especially not in a single-seater. And anyway: what kind of car is it? Fat tires, but with grooves? A rear wing like on a Formula 1, but a car body like from Formula 2? What on earth is that supposed to be?

The first submissions prove, of course, that the task can be solved. Who is it? Where and when was the picture taken? Take part too!

Have fun puzzling and good luck.