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save date and time in a mysql table - HOW?

happy Easter!
i wrote a newsletter script for my hp
at the moment the email address is assigned to an ID and saved in a mysql database
All addresses can then be displayed in the admin area
then looks something like this:

1. [email protected]
2. [email protected]
3. [email protected]

now i want to change the script so that the date and time of the registration are saved and displayed instead of the IDs
How can I do that?
the easiest would be with one column for the addresses and one (two?) for the date and time
what is the best way to save the date and time in the table? Is there a mysql function (which and how?) or it would be easier with php (getdate ())
how exactly would you create the table?

I finally wanted to read the data from the table into an array in order to output them again in the admin area
like this:
$ array [date] or $ array [time]

to help!