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Schwedt (Uckermark) - Doctor Ballouz opens practice again after Knöllchen dispute

The practice of the doctor Arnim Ballouz in Schwedt (Uckermark) has been open again since Friday morning. He had previously closed this in protest because, according to his information, the city had his company account blocked.

Corona tests in the short-term car park

The background is a dispute over around 80 tickets. Ballouz had parked his car in a short-term parking lot in front of his practice and carried out corona tests from the trunk. The police then gave him the tickets. A total of more than 1,000 euros was fined.

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However, the doctor did not want to pay this. "It's about an inappropriate attitude of the city," said Ballouz to the German press agency. As a doctor in the corona pandemic, he must be able to park in front of the practice. Ballouz practices in Schwedt / Oder and in Pinnow in the Uckermark.

The tickets have now been paid for - but not by himself, but by a patient, Ballouz told rbb on Friday. The seizure should now be lifted in the coming days, said Jürgen Polzehl (SPD), the mayor of Schwedt, when asked by rbb.

Ballouz important for vaccination campaign

In addition to the tests in his practice, Ballouz is currently also carrying out vaccinations against the coronavirus; According to Mayor Polzehl, that should stay that way. They are keen to deal with this topic as calmly as possible. Every doctor who tests and vaccinates during these times must be supported, it said.

The rules in traffic and parking should also be adhered to, it said on Friday from the town hall. In the coming week, all documents on the case should be checked again.

In April, ZDF showed six episodes of the series "Doktor Ballouz" with Merab Ninidze on three Thursdays. In the series, the doctor, who once had to flee from his homeland, is a surgeon and chief doctor of a small clinic in the Uckermark. According to ZDF, the series is based on motifs from the book "Germany Outside: The Life of Dr. Amin Ballouz, Country Doctor" by Jasper Fabian Wenzel.

Broadcast: Antenne Brandenburg, May 7th, 2021, 1:30 p.m.


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  1. 23.

    Honest.? Do you know such country doctors? Not me, nobody wants to be in the country, who likes to make house calls that are of little use in such a sparsely populated area, who likes to work around the clock for little money. We have a shortage of doctors, you drive many kilometers before you can hope for help. This doctor is authentic, he lives, he has charisma. Your comment, however, is typically German.

  2. 22.

    Well, if you can't think of anything better to do, then it is exactly you who are writing down racism here.

  3. 21.

    I am really amazed at some of the comments here. If it weren't for the doctor in question, would some of them have just as much understanding of his behavior? Wouldn't it be the ignorant guy who doesn't give a damn about regulations? I am happy when the same regulations and laws apply everywhere and for everyone. And I think that accusing everyday racism is pretty far-fetched. For me this is just a notorious wrongdoer who wanted to get his way.

  4. 20.

    I am amazed by the benevolent comments on the subject ... The doctor uses a short-term parking space in front of his practice, although regular parking spaces are available only ten meters away.
    Usually 80 tickets are a reason to revoke this man's license because he is unable to comply with the law. Closing his practice is not that easy either, I hope the KV will also comment on this. And that a patient pays the claim is awesome! Without words!!!!

  5. 19.

    Quote: "Did the Nordkurier come up with that?"

    Why should the NK have "thought it up" and the rbb "concealed" something here, Frank S.? There you can also read that the Dr. has already paid a € 500 ticket penalty from the claim - which, I assume, just accrued before the test campaign. All in all, there seems to be an unsatisfactory parking situation there for the practice.

  6. 18.

    The doctor Ballouz -
    Yes, practical solutions are not at all welcome in the office or from the home office.
    Nobody should get infected - what could be more obvious than doing as much outside as possible?
    Mayor Polzehl could and should have intervened much sooner!
    Temporary long-term parking tickets can also be issued free of charge.

  7. 17.

    A simple sign in the window "I am a doctor, I can do this" would have been enough.
    Especially since, in case of doubt, patients take over the due penalties.
    Possibly you should set up a billing position with the KV for such cases.

  8. 16.

    A country farce that could take place anywhere. The public order office probably went there every morning after the second coffee to distribute the ticket. Who is the stronger / more stubborn? Not a good figurehead for the city, where there is probably still too much refined crude oil in the minds of the residents.

  9. 15.

    But at rbb I also have the question of how robust your presentation actually is: With your colleagues from the Nordkurier, things sound very different. I take the liberty of quoting: "The doctor's statement that he received the tickets when he carried out corona tests on a short-term place is not true, it says from the town hall. After looking through the documents on Friday, it was found that the Would have accumulated nodules before the test campaign. " - Did the Nordkurier make that up? Or did you not consider this aspect to be worth mentioning? But he is to assess the behavior of Dr. Ballouz and the Swedish officials, in my opinion, very relevant.

  10. 14.

    Above all, it is unbelievable to me how you are trying to damage your reputation with nebulous hints. What are the "certain reasons" for which he no longer has the practice? Can you prove it? And do they have anything to do with the question of the test parking lot in Schwedt? If so, please be clear. But please keep the rumor mill cold.

  11. 13.

    Everyday racism as we know it every day from Brandenburg. And then people wonder why no new companies want to settle here, why no new doctors want to move out ...

  12. 12.

    My family doctor managed it without a parking space.
    On Google Maps, the practice area also looks like more parking space. Are there any with no time limit?
    Or maybe a conversation with the city beforehand would not have allowed the conflict to arise in the first place? After all, the doctor earns not badly from the tests. Standing there on business is probably rather doubtful. That is where money is made.

  13. 11.

    Crazy World: Had he sold child porn he would have gotten away with parole like others. Incorrect parking immediately withdrawn account. Poor Germany. The realities no longer fit. Anyone who helps will be punished. A doctor's parking lot in front of the door would be adequate and no tolls. Every community should be happy to have such a doctor in this rural area.

  14. 10.

    If the doctor's arragemant is really that important, Mr. Mayor, then why the office bosses or does someone have to flex his muscles what the fuck

  15. 9.

    Thank you, well recognized!

  16. 8.

    Incredible this person
    He no longer has the practice in Pinnow and also no longer in Gartz for certain reasons. Yes, he is a doctor and drives across the country, which older patients appreciate ... and what he likes to use for himself. He formulates it himself in the documentation at the time which was used as an inspiration for the series. The serial doctor has basically nothing to do with the lifestyle and his attitude to the subject of "give and take". I know at least 2 good country doctors who follow the general rules and also drive out to the patients, even if it is at 2.30 in the morning.
    For me it is unbelievable which stage the gentleman is offered. With best regards from the Uckermark!

  17. 7.

    People who act like these officials will probably do pretty much anything if someone orders it: Scary. The doctor was standing in a short-term parking lot - so he clearly didn't endanger anyone. If he actually carried out tests there, it was obviously in the public interest for everyone. Every civil servant has enough discretion to make a balance in favor of the general good. That this did not happen arouses in me the primitive wish that the officers concerned might have to travel 50 km to the next doctor in an unpleasant situation ...

  18. 6.

    80 tickets? The same wrongdoing over and over again?
    One should rethink who is trying to enforce his "thick skull" here.

    And then close the practice to get the city to "rethink"? That is close to compulsion and just ridiculous .....

  19. 5.

    That is the usual, notorious authority: acting exclusively according to paragraphs, by Dr. Ballouz says nothing, no discretion, nothing else at all.

    This has been the case across all times and across all systems. Before the introduction of the computer, however, many people in the village turned a blind eye. That is over now, someone could sue for unequal treatment.

    So how do you get out of that?
    Certainly not by voting out, the logic remains the same, because it lies deeper. And the self-defining New Party represents the most ancient thinking of all.

  20. 4.

    There will be elections in a few months, just vote off such fuzzis. Everywhere, whether connection development roads sewage ...

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