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Temple of the Drop (Dungeon) walkthrough & game tips for The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Game Tips: Walkthrough for The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

The Minish Festival and the Tyloria Forest

In gratitude that the tiny Minish long ago, when evil spirits appeared in Hyrule, gave a person with an upright heart shimmering gold light and a sword to restore peace to the country, people have been celebrating in honor of the people ever since Minish the Minish Festival once a year. One day, when the Minish were just a legend, Princess Zelda visits Link at his house to accompany him to this year's Minish festival. According to legend, every 100 years a secret gate opens and the Minish come to visit. This year is such a year and a sword fight is taking place in the castle of Hyrule, the winner of which is to receive a sword forged by Link's uncle ...

As soon as you have control of Link, leave his room and go downstairs to the right room. You will receive the ALBERICH SWORD, which you should hand in to the minister in Hyrules Castle. Take the 20 rubies out of the chest and pick up the jugs to bag another 5 rubies. Leave the house and go after Princess Zelda. When you arrive in Hyrule, speak to Zelda at the various stands until she wins the main prize in a lottery. You will receive your SHIELD. Leave the market place upstairs, where you will meet a Deku dealer. Activate your shield and push back the cores that the trader spits. Then continue north and enter Hyrule's castle, where the sword is to be handed over to the victor. A sequence follows. The unknown victor, Vaati, opens the chest with the monsters banished in it, which remain trapped by the white sword by destroying it. So that Princess Zelda doesn't cause him any trouble, he puts a curse on her that turns her to stone. Then he disappears. After trying to protect Zelda, Link wakes up in a bed in Hyrule's castle and is assigned to visit the Minish people in the Tyloria Forest to have the White Sword repaired. You will receive the BROKEN WHITE SWORD and the HYRULE CARD. You can also use the ALBERICH SWORD.

Leave the room downstairs, then continue to the right and follow the passage to the exit. You also leave the castle garden downstairs. In the northern Hyrule area, go down to the construction workers and then along to the right. Chop up the bushes with your sword and go right into the new area. Follow the path all the way down until you reach a new area. There go down the small stairs and follow the path to the bridge that leads to the right. The new, wooded area is a little darker. Go right until you reach a small bridge. Follow this and go downstairs. Now it's getting foggy. Follow the path further and further down and then go up again to the left. You will hear a cry for help along the way. You see a green something surrounded by two enemies. Go back the way and help the green something. It turns out he's got the Minish cap named Ezelo. Link puts on his hat and receives hints from Ezelo by pressing START. Go back downstairs and enter the log to become the Minish Link. Now go through the tree trunk at the bottom left. Climb onto a small leaf and ride up. Follow the path up and you will reach the Minish village. However, you cannot understand the inhabitants because you do not speak the Minish language. So we have to find the only resident who speaks Link's language. Go right and immediately up until you can only go right. Follow the path like this and you will find a house in the water at the top left. Go past this one and keep to the right. You walk on a wooden bridge between many green leaves. Leave the area following the bridge to the right to find a HEART CONTAINER. In the house you passed before, you will receive the information from a Minish to eat the QUATSCHPIRNE in order to be able to understand the language of the Minish. Go out of the house and back again until you can cross the bridge on the right. Go down the ladder and push the middle stone in the house to find the QUATSCHBIRNE in the top left. Go back over the bridge and up. This time, go to the left under the two minish and continue to the left until you find a house with a yellow roof. The Elder of the Minish tells you about the four elements that you need to make your sword stronger again later.
Leave the house and go back to the house of the elder, who will clear the way to the forest shrine to find the first element.

Items: shield, sword Alberich, broken white sword, Hyrule card, bullshit
Heart container: 1

Forest shrine (dungeon)

Go up as a minish link until you reach the first dungeon. Push away the middle statue above to be able to leave the room above. Press all four buttons to reveal a chest with a small key. Exit the room through the door above. Pull the lever at the top right and the stairs will appear. Use the blue pilt to fling yourself to the other side (hold down R). Go out the top and then right onto the step to press the button. The leaf ropes flare. Now go into the barrel and leave it through the door at the top left. Go left onto the platform and slide the statue onto the button, then walk onto the remaining one. The other rope will go up in flames. Now go back into the barrel and run down until there is a door at the bottom left. Go in and left through the door. In the new room with the blue mushroom, swing to the other side and go through the door on the left. If you swing further, you will find the DUNGEON CARD. Push the jug on the far left onto the button on the right and walk along the bridge. In the new room you push the left statue inwards (i.e. right) and then pull the right statue towards you on the button from inside. Now push the other statue on the button to the left and a chest with a small key will appear. Leave this and the two previous rooms. Go back into the barrel and walk up to the right until a door appears on the top right. Go in and leave the room on the right through the closed door. Swing to the other side with the mushroom and press the button on the right to get to the lower side with the other mushroom. Leave the room on the right and run along the outside to the button. From there, slide the right statue towards you to the right, but further to the right than the button is, and go back to the other side to be able to slide the other statue onto the button. Go upstairs in the door and defeat the opponents so that a small key appears. It goes on to the left. Go up there on the mountain and then up. Hop right down and go left into the door. Watch out for the red mushrooms here, which we cannot defeat yet. Press the button and leave the room at the top left to reach the first opponent: Imos.

Defeat him by hitting him first in the nose and then in the tail with the sword. Once he turns red, you cannot attack him. Wait for it to calm down and turn light blue again. In the big chest you get the MAGIC JUG, with which you can suck up a lot if you hold down the respective one.

Vacuum the cobwebs in the lower right and go through the door to find a HEART CONTAINER. Go two rooms back into the room with the heart container on the little mountain. Vacuum the floor clean and you will find secret switches that activate two chests. If both buttons are activated in front of the mountain, the blue teleporter appears. The mushroom opponents can now be sucked up and then attacked. Leave the room through the door below and vacuum the door with the spinning path in the jug. Go in and fall into the abyss. Suck the leaf towards you and drive along the path until it goes to the right. Put a jug on the button there by first destroying a few behind so that the way in the water is free. Continue to the new area and push a jug on the button to get to the chest via the sheet. You find a small key. Now drive back to the water area, where you have just decided on the right path and now continue up to be able to open a door. Throw yourself with the mushroom on the other side and suck the mushroom up to you on the right to get to this area. Do the same thing again to get to the large chest. Take the big key and step on the button to beam you to the entrance area via the red teleporter. Go to the blue teleporter here to find the next HEART CONTAINER. Suck the cobwebs from the door on the left and take the red ruby ​​in the chest. Go back and vacuum the cobweb on the right door. Suck your way through the mushroom twice with the magic jar to get to the big door. You compete against the boss opponent, the green giant slime.

Sucks on its base until it falls over. But you must not stop while vacuuming. Better to break off and walk around it to have more space for a second time. As soon as he falls over, you hit him with the sword. You will find a couple of hearts in the jugs. After your victory you will receive the earth element and a big heart.

Now return to the Minish Village Elder. He'll give you a shortcut back to Hyrule.
Return to the forest once more and walk past the place where you found the Minish Cap and continue to the left and then go up to where you heard the call for help. Go left here to find another HEART CONTAINER.

Items: magic jar
Heart containers: 3 (and one big heart)

Back in Hyrule to the Gongol mountain

As soon as you are back in the Tyloria Forest, you can get the BOMB BAG from a Minish upstairs in the small mushroom house. Grow up in the tree trunk again and push away the tombstone at the top. You will benefit from it later. Now leave the forest; to do this, blast the stones out of the way. When you return to the eastern fields, you swing to the other side with the red mushroom. The little house isn't interesting yet. Blast the stones out of the way and go upstairs. Blast the wall there and take 20 seashells. Go up left and then up. Blast away the stones on the right and take what you find. On the left it goes further into the southern fields. Go along the castle wall and chop up the bushes to enter Hyrule above. You meet a man who tells you something about fragments. You will receive the LUCKY POUCH from him. Once you have the two matching pieces together, something good will happen. So the first time a tree opens to the left of your house. At the bottom left you absolutely have to learn the vortex attack for your sword. Be sure to get the PURSE in the tool shop, which has space for 300 rubies. At the bottom right you can help a lady recapture her chickens. For this you will be rewarded with rubies. Use the time and explore Hyrule a little to know which buildings are there. You can find a FRAGMENT PART from the mayor - so it's worth exploring the city. Also go to the new cave near your house to find a HEART CONTAINER.