Whorehouses in Austin Texas

Toledo Express Airport - Fly as if it were 1950!

There are only two flights a day (to Chicago and generally), so the terminal is closed as soon as the plane is in the air. If something comes up, it gets exciting.

An aborted take-off at 70mph turns out to be problematic, the plane returns to the terminal and nobody is there anymore. Passengers are nervous and have to be fed or calmed down at a bar, the technician has to be called at home, and then he comes with an old van (which reminds you a bit of the A-Team) dramatically over the runway, after only 30 minutes waiting time, and then disappears for an hour between ladders and safety vests in the engine. In the meantime, the ground staff is also solving the mystery of flight rebooking in order to find a new flight for the passengers who, according to the computer, are already in the air, because the connecting flights in Chicago do not wait for the aptly named express airport in the province. So the protagonist arrives in Reno after 2 hours of delay at the end of 2 hours, and there was even lunch, albeit in a glass, served by the waitress, whose afternoon plans vanished into thin air.

Soprano soloist for the Reno Chamber Orchestra for Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass under the direction of Theodore Kuchar,


Singer with family

Change of scene - California, on the way to Goldgrave Ghost Town; View of the Eastern Sierras / Mammoth


Between 1879 and 1930 Bodie was one of the largest gold mining towns in the West, when gold ran out.

The houses and shacks are saved from collapse by Park Rangers and thus remain in a state of "arrested decay". The eternal ghost town looks similar today as it did in 1940, but not much worse either. Bodie has been a state park since 1962.

A look through the window shows that the inner workings of individual buildings, here at the children's coffin maker, have certainly been staged.

Saloon and hotel at the now abandoned crossroads, after two big braends in the 20th century, there is little left. During the heyday there were 65 saloons, several whorehouses, opium sheds and even a Chinatown. Here some more pictures.

The old mine itself is closed to visitors without a ranger, as is the hill on which it stands, as it is crossed by tunnels like a honeycomb and thus in danger of falling.