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Body language: 3 gestures that give you away

Last update: May 27, 2020

A person's non-verbal communication says a lot about their feelings. However, something that is often completely unconscious provides an opportunity to interpret someone else's emotions. A look, a gesture or the movement of the lips can even say more than your own words.

The mouth area in particular is particularly informative for people around you. The way someone smiles or opens their lips can provide clues about how they are feeling. If can interpret the following three gestures around the mouth, it is therefore possible to gain an insight into the emotions of another person.


A smile can be a sign of joy, hope, sympathy and acceptance. However, there are many different ways to smile. Knowing how to interpret the body language of the lips and facial muscles can help you understand the meaning of a smile.

Some studies have concluded that the highest expression of happiness appears when the teeth in the upper jaw can be fully seen. This has to do with the fact that one cannot control this expression. Endorphins would be released and a feeling of joy would arise, causing the world to show one's teeth. Finally, a smile is often accompanied by a laugh.

However, one should be careful! Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between a natural smile and a fake smile.However, the same muscles are not used and therefore the gestures are also different. At first glance, however, it is very difficult to tell them apart. When in doubt, it is helpful to observe a person's eye area.

Bite your lower lip

Depending on the intensity with which you bite your lower lip, the meaning of this non-verbal gesture can vary. If you do it gently and carefully, it indicates attraction: If you feel attracted to a person, this gesture is practically inevitable. You bite your lower lip and cover it almost completely with your teeth. In addition, it is usually associated with a slight tilt of the head. This is a sign of feeling comfortable in each other's company. However, if you bite your lower lip hard and even show your teeth on the lip, this can indicate nervousness.

Who has not observed a colleague who has gone about his work with great concentration? Maybe he scratched his head or moved his hands and feet continuously. If you now concentrate on his face, on his gestures and facial expressions, it may well be possible that you will recognize that he is also moving his lips.

decision making

If you move your lips from right to left, you are in a decision-making process. In such a moment you reflect, think and try to make a decision. The brain works and expresses this by moving the lips.

In general, this is one of the gestures that lasts the longest. In addition, they are usually repeated two or three more times. Finally, you utter the reasoning or decision you have been thinking about.

Numerous studies assume thatBody language makes up between 50 and 70% of the information we transmit. As you can see, the lips in particular are a great way to use this information to identify what another person is thinking or feeling. However, it is important to pay attention to other body language signals as well.For example, the context or the movements of the hands and feet are also important.

A person's non-verbal communication offers an endless amount of information. You don't always have to say something to reveal your inner state.

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