Shivaree having problems rar file

7-zip cannot unzip .rar files

02 Mar 2015 16:33


Reply to the post how do you know? by MichaelK

This number
to pack everything in rar files, and then into individual parts
to split is and remains a bad habit from the warez scene.
So that I know that is clear. I prefer cracked
Linux distris therefore. But how do you know that would be me
already interested. :-)

You can then use it cool without paying anything: D? I have to do it too.

It is clear that everyone here values ‚Äč‚Äčtheir vest, I will now rantily deny that I have anything loaded anywhere! And get upset about how you could accuse me of doing illegal things. Of course, I only saw this with my buddy, who always does that. And anyway, to point out that you should be careful what you say to me, otherwise I will threaten you with a cyberbullying complaint, is actually still missing, right?